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Sunday, December 16, 2018



Joan Lunden has been a role model for new mothers over 50. Many of us have watched Joan Lunden's growing family over the years with her twins she had over the age of 50. Now she has shown strength and is doing well overcoming her newest struggle with breast cancer. Joan proves that having babies at an older age is possible. She is an active mother who still finds a balance between family and career – even with two sets of young twins.

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Joan Lunden on her expanding family in her interview with people magazine:

"Even before I met Jeff, I really wanted to find somebody who wanted to have a family," Lunden told PEOPLE in 2003. As for the manner is which her household grew: "You usually only hear about surrogacy when there's a horror story (over custody). Word needs to get out that it is a viable option if done safely and correctly with a good agency so everyone is protected."

In her interview with Good Housekeeping, Joan said, "These days, when people try to warn Lunden that it’s going to be hard raising babies in her 50s, she quickly sets them straight. “I say, ‘What do you mean having kids now is going to be harder?’ In my 30s, I was up at 3:00 in the morning for GMA. When Jamie was seven, Lindsay was four, and Sarah a newborn, I was up in the middle of the night, breast-feeding and getting ready for the show. I was stretched to the max. Really, it couldn’t possibly be any harder than that. I barely remember buying baby furniture!”

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