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Monday, December 03, 2018



Since celebrities are constantly in the media and so many celebrity women and couples are having babies at older ages, they become role models and can change cultural attitudes about older motherhood. It seems our society is celebrity obsessed especially when it comes to having babies. We not only look at their appearance, but also their marital status, their weight before and after the pregnancy and, of course, their age. Celebrities are just regular people when they're not on camera. They have the same struggles as us “regular folk”. But I will say, I do pay attention to those celebrities who have babies over the age of 40. I remember when I was trying to conceive, Madonna had just given birth and she is almost exactly my age. I found this to be a source of inspiration even though I don't know whether or not she underwent fertility treatments.

Here is a list of celebrities who had their babies over 40. Some admit to fertility treatments and/or
surrogates, some had natural conceptions and pregnancies, and some keep their information private. In any event, they have joined the “over-40” and sometimes “over 50” club.


Gave birth to her second child at the age of 41

Susan Serandon

Gave birth to a son at the age of 42 and another at the age of 45

Brook Shields

Gave birth to her second child at the age of 40

Halle Berry

Gave had pregnancies at the age of 41 and 46

Sara Palin

Gave birth to her youngest son at the age of 44

Jayne Seymore

Gave birth to twin boys in her mid 40's
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Rachel Dratch

This Saturday Night Live actress had a surprise pregnancy with her boyfriend at the age of 44 and gave birth to a son.

Salma Hayek

Gave birth at the age of 41

Celine Dion

Had twin boys at the age of 42

Joan Lunden

Had Twins at the age of 50

Actress Monica Bellucci

Pregnant Naturally at 45
"This second pregnancy is just as fantastic but I wouldn't say I was an example to follow." Monica said that she had not used medical treatment to fall pregnant." "Maybe it's because my paternal grandmother had a child at 47 years old but I think I'm just lucky" she said

Lucille Ball

This classic comedic actress gave birth to her children at the age of 40 and 42. Of course this was before the days of fertility treatments (or birth control for that matter!)!

Laura Linney

Had baby at the age of 49 after her marriage at the age of 45

Geena Davis

Had a baby at 46 and subsequently had twins at 48!

Nicole Kidman

Had a baby at 41 (by surprise and after infertility and miscarriage) and subsequently had another via surrogate

Meryl Streep

Had her last child at the age of 41

Emma Thompson

Had a baby at 40

Marcia Gay Harden

Had twins at the age of 44

Christie Brinkley

This beautiful supermodel had two babies in her 40's

Annette Benning

Had her 4th child at the age of 42

Jane Kaczmarek

Had three babies in her 40's

Mariah Carey

Had twins at the age of 42

Beverly D'Angelo

Had twins at the age of 50!

Holly Hunter

Gave birth to twins at the age of 47

Helen Hunt

Gave birth at the age of 40

Model Iman

Gave birth at 44

Mimi Rogers

Gave birth at 45

Tina Fey

Became a first time mother at the age of 41

Nancy Grace

Gave birth to twins at the age of 47

Mira Sorvino

Had her third child at the age of 44

Marcia Cross

Give birth to twins at the age of 44

Cherie Blair

Gave birth to her last child at the age of 45

Mary Stuart Masterson

Had twins at 45 and had a baby two years prior

Molly Ringwold

Had twins at the age of 41

Kelly Preston (and John Travolta)

Had their last baby at the age of 48 after tragically losing their son Jett

Kim Fields

She had her second child naturally at the age of 44 after having difficulty conceiving and suffering a number of miscarriages

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