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Saturday, December 01, 2018



You Can Attract A Baby Into Your Life

I used to ask myself, "why can't I have a baby?" all the time. If you were a new soul ready to make your journey into the world (or in this case – into the womb), wouldn’t you prefer to come into an environment that was calm, peaceful and receptive? Take a look at your inner would you assess your current state of mind?
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When you’re struggling with infertility, you’re usually in a place of anger, disappointment, jealousy, and frustration. Is this the environment you would choose to start your life? Honestly, I think that’s one reason that some couples get pregnant after giving up their dreams of having a family or after deciding to adopt. They finally let go of their ill feelings and move into acceptance. They quit trying
to force things into place which makes room for success. Believe me, you can’t force babies into anything. They will do things in their own time, on their own schedule. This happened to me. After giving up on fertility treatments and even giving up on trying naturally (I told my support group that I was moving on to "childfree")....I got pregnant. I had a totally normal pregnancy and totally normal delivery despite only having one fallopian tube and being the ripe old age of 44.

After realizing that I was in control of my body and my mind, I quit asking "why can't I have a baby?" I started using visualization to create my reality. I would picture my baby in my mind. I would hold her, I would play with her, and I could feel the love for her deep down in my soul. My visualizations were so strong that I would find myself smiling without even knowing it! When you have such loving thoughts, your mindset is automatically lifted and this becomes your point of attraction. Alternately, when you’re feeling angry and deprived, your point of attraction is heartache and pain and this is what you manifest in your life. I brought myself to a place where in my mind I already had a baby. If I saw other pregnant women, instead of being jealous, I would look at them and think, they have such a miracle inside of them, just like me. I planned out my maternity wardrobe, I planned my nursery, it was a done deal. When you’re in the right mindset it’s easy to succeed. It becomes hard to fail!

Don’t be afraid to picture success. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re going to set yourself up for disappointment. These thoughts may be keeping you from the very thing you want so much. You can create what you want in your life whether it’s having a baby, or anything else. What do you have to lose by picturing your success? You may say to yourself that you don't want to get your hopes up just to fail over and over again, but your chances of success are so much greater when your mind is on board with your conscious desires. Start with a clean slate. Wipe your past failure from your mind and start a new way of thinking

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