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Saturday, November 03, 2018



If you've never heard of tapping, you are not alone. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also called tapping. This natural technique which you can perform yourself may help you get your mind and body in sync, reduce stress and help you conceive naturally
What is Emotional Freedom Technique and How Can it Help Me Get Pregnant?
By Gabriela Rosa
Several thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits, called energy meridians, running throughout the body. Meridians are the centerpiece of Eastern medicine and health practices. More recently, Western medicine has started to pay attention to energy flows and their effect on mental and physical health. Many therapeutic modalities ranging from acupuncture to kinesiology (muscle testing) work based on these principles.
Emotional Freedom Technique is best described as emotional acupuncture without needles. It also works extremely well for physical aspects, such as physical pain. EFT helps to "re-organise" the body
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and mind, inducing relaxation, which enables a realignment of the body's energy systems.
Essentially EFT helps one see situations, and experiences with "fresh eyes", facilitating and being catalyst for a positive change. As it is able to cause powerful shifts in how one feels and behaves in various different circumstances. EFT does not change the way things are, but it does have a powerful effect on how "bothered" one gets about things. The best way to understand it is to experience it.
One of the greatest benefits of EFT is that it is a self applied, tapping technique based on the healing modalities of acupuncture, acupressure and kinesiology (yes, you tap certain points on your face and upper body and so what if you temporarily look a little bit silly - it works, that is what matters!). What these modalities have in common is that they all work to balance the system in different ways and you don't need to become a master in any of them in order to very simply, quickly and effectively master EFT for self use. In fact the founder of EFT Gary Craig suggests trying it on everything and with the results I have had in clinical practice over the years, I couldn't agree more.
It is worth applying EFT to whatever may be causing you discomfort right now. The likelihood is that with a little persistence you will see any uncomfortable or unsettling feelings disappear. EFT enables positive cognitive shifts, its genius is that you can pretty much pull up anything that bothers you and turn it "off" on purpose. It also modifies the anxiety/stress response, fostering positive body awareness.
I often see men and women in my practice that are distressed with different aspects and in different stages of their fertility journey, some really are at their wits' end and this technique is absolutely fabulous for helping to rebalance one's emotions.
Below you will see a case study with one of my patients and how EFT was able to help her address her fear of childlessness.
Case Study - Fear of Childlessness
(Result in 38 minutes)
Susie*, was a fertility patient who attended one of the EFT seminars with her husband Steve* because the workshop is a compulsory and also very important part of my in-house fertility program.
Susie volunteered to work at the front with me as an example for the group. And as she came up she said the thing she wanted to work on was her fear of not having a baby. Susie and Steve had been trying to conceive for a couple of years without having much luck and she was afraid it wasn't going to happen.
I started working with Susie on that and her aspects kept changing, so the fear that was at 10/10 was only very slowly going down. Then after a particular round something else popped up for her. She remembered that the fear stared when she was in high school and she remembered herself thinking that being childless was really scary. So we changed the wording for her and instead of saying "Even though I have this fear of not having a baby", we said "Even though I have this fear of childlessness" which to her meant growing old without a family.
And all of a sudden after a couple of rounds her intensity and anxiety about the whole thing was completely gone and testing, did not bring it back up. A follow up with her a week later and she still reported how great she felt about the idea of having a baby and even not having a baby, although of course she would still prefer to have a child. That gripping feeling had completely disappeared.
The most interesting part of all is that one month later Susie was pregnant! She had a great pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl.
* names have been changed to protect their privacy.
Copyright (c) 2009 Gabriela Rosa and Natural Fertility & Health Solutions P/L.Leading Sydney-based natural fertility specialist, researcher and author Gabriela Rosa is devoted to helping bring healthy babies into the world and empower individuals through better health. Boost your natural fertility, get pregnant fast, increase the odds of IVF, prevent miscarriages and take home a healthier baby. Article Source:

How to End Your EFT Set-Up Phrase Effectively

How to End Your EFT Set-Up Phrase Effectively
By Andrew Wilkie
How can you make the EFT set-up phrase even more powerful for you?
An EFT tapping round normally begins with a set-up phrase. Out loud whilst tapping on your Karate Chop point, you would say 3 times:
Even though I have this _____________,I deeply and completely accept myself.
The EFT Manual details the following standard 2 endings.
I deeply and completely accept myself.
I deeply and profoundly accept myself.
There is a slight 3rd variation which is: I love and accept myself even though I have this_______________." I tend not to use it. As the ending starts off the set-up phrase.
My standard EFT Setup phrase is
Even though I have this _____________. I deeply and completely, love, forgive and accept myself.
Why Would You Want Other Endings?
Often somebody using EFT, can't say out loud or to themselves I deeply and completely accept myself. This in its self needs some EFT tapping. Yet, that's for another post.
My favorite 10 set-up endings, which I most regularly use are:
1. I choose to forgive myself for holding onto this and I choose to forgive those others that may have contributed to this in any way, shape or form.
2. I'm choosing to have compassion for myself even though I can't yet love and accept myself.
3. I accept all of me anyway.
4. I am still a good person.
5. I'm willing for this to change.
6. I'm willing to accept all of my feelings without judgment.
7. I'm ready to let go of it now.
8. I'm open to letting go of this now.
9. I choose to _____________. You can add a positive alternative emotion or say something to indicated movement towards your goal.
10. I totally love, accept and forgive myself.
From here, the world is your oyster. You can go wherever you mind takes you. You could easily combine 2 or 3 of the above to create a new set-up ending.
How do you end your setup phrase?Are you afraid to get real results with EFT?EFT can change your life. To get your FREE EFT Tapping Guide Click HereAndrew Wilkie travels the world, works with his laptop and helps people change their lives with their finger tips. Article Source:

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