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Friday, August 10, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Motherhood Over 40 May Make You Healthier!

If you've undergone assisted reproduction, you may have heard or read about the possibility of fertility drugs increasing your risk of ovarian cancer.
 The last I've read is that there is no connection between the two, however, every time I turn around, I read some new risk associated with fertility drugs. Between my cycles of Clomid and my IVF's, my ovaries certainly got their workout.
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Well, there's some encouraging news if you do become pregnant later in life (and let's be optimistic that you will):

From the article:

The women who had babies later in life were much less likely to have had ovarian cancer, they found.

"We asked was it true for women who only had one baby, was it true for women who only had two babies," Pike said in a telephone interview. The 

number of children did not matter.



"We found it was pretty consistent."

Hormones may play key role
Earlier studies have shown that having children late in life also protects against cancer of the endometrium Ч the lining of the uterus, said Pike.

He believes that the surge in the hormone progesterone that is seen in pregnancy may be a factor in both cancers.

"This level of progestins might very well be fatal to early disease," Pike said.

In addition, the uterus is "cleaned out" with birth and the delivery of the placenta, perhaps taking away aging cells that are more likely to become cancerous, Pike said.

Pike believes the findings could have implications for preventing ovarian cancer, which, while rare, is deadly. "If you could work this out you could possibly do some prevention," he said. 


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