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Monday, July 09, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Do Couples Get More Fertile After Adoption?

Maybe there is something to the "old wives tale" that couples are more likely to conceive after they adopt.
The article below gives some real life stories of conception after adoption and the second article discusses a study done on whether or not there really is a correlation between adoption and conception.

From the article:
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A Phenomenon?

Couples that plan to adopt often find themselves pregnant, says JoAnne Solchany, Ph.D., a registered nurse, author and assistant professor of family and child nursing at the University of Washington in Seattle. "It happens a lot," says Solchany, who has studied the parent-child connection between both biological and adoptive children for over 30 years. "An aunt of mine adopted and then got pregnant right away. I think for those individuals and the ones that I've met, it's usually that they've let [their desire for biological children] go and made peace with it."

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Similarly, Andy and Mollie Coyne had always planned to pursue adoption, but decided to have a biological child first. Those plans changed after a few years of trying unsuccessfully. They decided to adopt a baby girl from Guatemala and were still on the waiting list for her when they found out they were pregnant.

"We found out that we were pregnant with Rory on July 4, 2001, several months before we knew that we would be adopting Maya," says Mollie Coyne. "We were still just on the waiting list for a baby girl in Guatemala, and Maya wouldn't even be born for two and a half more months. ... We found out at the end of September that our Maya had just been born and were thrilled that we would be having two kids – by very different means – in just a few months."

The Coynes, an American family that currently lives abroad in Paris, France, now have three children: Maya, their adoptive daughter from Guatemala; Rory, a biological son; and a biological daughter, Savannah. Maya and Rory are just five months apart. But the Coynes don't feel that their adoption of Maya in any way caused their pregnancy.

"We were just downright shocked to find out that we were pregnant," says Mollie Coyne. "Everyone said, and continues to say, that we got pregnant because we were no longer stressed out about trying to conceive. But that wasn't it at all; we hadn't even tried to conceive for two and a half years, so we had not been stressed out about it in a long time."


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