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Friday, July 06, 2018


I'm really not one for celebrity gossip, but this particular article caught my eye about Janet Jackson.  I had previously blogged about her baby at the age of 50, but according to this article, she may try for another.  I don't know the circumstances of how she conceived her first baby, but it's not impossible for women over 50 to get pregnant naturally (I have a page devoted to real stories of natural pregnancy over 50 on my site
Read more:
“She’s yearning to give Eissa (for whom she’s been going through a messy custody battle with her ex
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Wissam Al Mana) a sibling,” said the insider. “She’ll finish her tour (“State of the World”) in August, then focus on baby No. 2.”
So how will she go about this? “She’s fine doing this as a single mom,” claimed the source, “and she’s willing to get more help this time if needed, whether from a lab or a surrogate.”
She may even enlist the help of her rumored on-again beau Jermaine Dupri to see if he’d like to be the dad or she will opt for a donor. “She waited to be a mom, and now she wants to go for it!” added the insider.



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