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Saturday, May 05, 2018


Good Fats Like Omega 3's May Help With Postpartum Depression

It seems the more I read about food, nutrition, and the importance of diet,  the more I hear about how we need more "good fats" every day or every meal.  Good fats come in the form of "omega 3's".
 Not only are Omega 3's good for fertility in men and women, but they can help with everything from heart disease, to getting pregnant, to depression. Here is an article about how the lack of Omega 3's may contribute to post-partum depression because your body uses more of these fats while you are pregnant. 


From the article
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Many psychiatrists treat depression with drugs that raise brain levels of serotonin. Now we learn that a diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids may lower brain levels of serotonin and can cause depression. Studies show that depression is associated with low levels of red blood cell membrane and low intake of omega-3 fatty acids, that increased ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is associated with increased severity of depression. Depression is 60 times more common in New Zealand (6 percent) than in Japan (.12 percent); the difference may be explained by the high intake of omega-3-rich fish by the Japanese.

Post-partum depression is common in women after they give birth. Pregnancy uses up huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Women with the lowest blood levels of omega-3s are the ones most likely to suffer post-partum depression.

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