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Monday, May 07, 2018

Fertile Turtle Bracelets
Rose Quartz is a soothing stone for pregnant women and their unborn babies.  It can provide emotional balance which is so important when a baby is growing inside of you.  Rose Quartz is thought to target the heart chakra and is frequently used in Feng Shui.  It promotes vitality and energy and is frequently thought of as a stone for fertility.  If you are already pregnant, it may be helpful to put Rose Quartz on your belly.
Amethyst Elephant Fertility Bracelet
Amethyst is another healing crystal and is good for your endocrine glands and it promotes sleep which is important during pregnancy.  It  is thought to absorb negative energy and can help you stay positive if you are trying to conceive or already pregnant.
Kokopelli Fertility Bracelet
On my website, I offer a number of fertility bracelets (  which have Rose Quartz, Amethyst and elephant charms, turtle charms and kokopelli charms.  In Feng Shui, elephants symbolize good luck and a sign of things to come. Turtles symbolize fertility because of the large number of eggs they produce, and Kokopelli is thought to bring babies to women.  Click on the pictures for more information.

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