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Sunday, May 20, 2018


What is FSH anyway?  It stands for follicle stimulating hormone.  FSH tends to rise when a women is getting near menopause because your body is trying harder and harder to get follicles to develop and the hormone rises to accomplish this.  Usually fertility doctors will test your FSH and look for values under 10.  Many times, they will recommend donor eggs because high FSH may yield poor results when undergoing IVF.
So the magic question is, "Can I get pregnant with high FSH?".  Well ideally you wouldn't have high FSH if you want to get pregnant, but there are documented cases of women who got pregnant with an FSH value of over 100! As you can see, the science of fertility is anything but static or exact.  There
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are many things that can lead to a couple getting pregnant.  I have also read research that older women have a higher rate of multiples even if they aren't undergoing fertility treatment.  This is because their FSH is higher and their ovaries are stimulated to release more eggs.

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