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Sunday, May 27, 2018


Predicting Babies Gender - The Chinese Birth Calendar

Guest Post By Zhang Xiao Hong
The Chinese Birth Calendar is such an amazing discovery that it is still used widely across the world as a way to predict the sex of your child. Although there are many ways to predict the sex of your child with science, such as an ultrasound, the Chinese Birth Chart has said to be as accurate as 99%. Given that the age of the Chinese Birth Calendar is truly unknown, it is still an accurate tool in determining the sex of your child.


The calendar, which is also called the Chinese Baby Chart, was discovered in an ancient tomb near the capital city of Beijing over 700 years ago. The only place that you may view the original chart now is the Institute of Science, also located in Beijing.
While the chart can be very confusing and overwhelming when you first look at it, the calendar is easy to decipher once you take a little time and read the directions. The first step in determining the
sex of your baby based on the Chinese Birth Calendar is to figure out what month your baby was conceived in. It is a simple step but often people can forget very easily exactly when. If in doubt, the best way to figure this out is to just take the due date or the birth date of your child and go back nine
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months. For normal, full term babies, this is the easiest way to do it.
After you determine the month the baby was conceived in, you need to figure out how old the mother will be at the birth of the baby. Of course, the only way to estimate this is to go off of the doctor's due date that was given. Once that is figured out, you go down the chart and where the two points meet is where it will tell you the sex of your child.
This is truly an amazing tool and something that has been used for centuries upon centuries with an eerie amount of accuracy. Some professionals will even tell you that it can be more accurate then ultrasounds, although we still recommend using science over an ancient tool. Along with this tool and your ultrasound, you should be able to get a good idea of what the sex of your child should be. However, if you were like me, the ultrasound and the Chinese Baby Chart conflicted. The funny thing about my situation is that the baby chart was correct, and the ultrasound was wrong. So, which one is really better?
To view the Chinese birth Calendar visit our sites: Chinese Birth Calendar, Chinese Birth Chart and Chinese Baby Chart
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