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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Bonding With Baby

I think most articles written about bonding with your baby are written from the women's perspective.
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 I'm guilty of it too. We carry our babies inside of us for nine months and bonding seems like a natural occurrance. Additionally, women are frequently are the primary caregivers to children. But dads are just as important. I know I'm guilty of not allowing my husband to do more with my daughter. I have to stop myself from always telling him how to do things as if my way is the right way. Here is an article on how dads can bond with their babies:

Well, Tim found out quickly what most moms know from the very start: namely, that a baby has charm and grace galore. I'd hand him Kyle to watch for a moment and come back to find the two of them
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grinning like fools on the couch.

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Now, after three children, I realize my husband was just shy. Taking care of a newborn is often elementally reduced to feeding and comforting, and some new dads don't know if they have the right equipment for the job. 
The real secret of male-bonding with a baby is realizing that you're not supposed to try to be another mother: Your child already has one of those. What your little one really needs is for you to be yourself.
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