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Sunday, March 04, 2018


Pregnancy and Men's Fertility

I found this interesting article about how ICSI cycles are increasing which may suggest that infertility is increasing in men. ICSI is a procedure where the sperm are injected directing into the egg in an IVF cycle.
I guess nobody knows for sure why we're seeing more infertility in men, but we do know that many environmental toxins can affect sperm counts. There are also many lifestyle factors which can affect your sperm count. My advice for men: Eat a healthy diet, watch your weight, don't smoke or drink too much alcohol, and avoid workplace chemicals, pesticides and herbicides to the greatest degree possible.
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 Dr Anders Nyboe Andersen, Head of the Fertility Clinic at the Rigshospitalet at Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark, and co-ordinator of the ESHRE IVF monitoring committee, said: "We do not really know why ICSI has become more prevalent. There are probably many reasons. One of them could be that the relative causes of infertility are shifting. We see less and less infertility caused by severe tubal problems in women, probably because of better sexual protection due to the risk of AIDS during the last 15 years. But male subfertility seems to be increasing. Perhaps the data on declining sperm quality are true, and maybe environmental factors are playing an increasing role as the planet becomes more polluted and factors that disrupt the endocrine system enter the food chain." from:

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