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Thursday, March 08, 2018


Genetic Birth Defects: Learn Everything You Need To Know

Guest Post Author: Sandra Wilson
Most couples get a little uncomfortable to confront the chances of a birth defect during pregnancy. However, if you are planning to get pregnant soon, it is very important that you keep yourself knowledgeable about why, how and what causes genetic birth defects. Having enough knowledge about this birth abnormality can help you prevent your baby from having one.
Most birth defects are genetic in nature. Birth defects are irregularities of the function and structure of the baby. More often than not, birth defects are passed on from the parents. In some cases, they are caused by several environmental hazards to which the mother was exposed to during pregnancy. To date, around 4,000 birth defects have been discovered. Birth defects vary in intensity and in types. genetic birth defects usually cause physical and emotional hardships not only to the patient but to the parents as well.
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For some, it can come in the form of physical abnormalities. For others, it can result to developmental delays. For a few, it can cause death. The sad part is that all

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Genetic birth defects can be passed down through different ways. It can be passed on by the father. It can also be passed on by the mother. In some cases, it can even be passed on by both. Below, we will discuss the three ways to pass on birth defect.
Recessive inheritance – In this case, the mother and the father need to have a faulty gene in order for the defect to materialize in the offspring. Cystic Fibrosis and Tays-Sachs are birth abnormalities which are inherited recessively.
Dominant inheritance – For this particular condition, only one parent needs a genetic defect for the irregularity to be passed on to a child. Achondroplasia and Marfan Syndrome are two examples of dominantly inherited genetic birth defects.
X-linked – This is the birth abnormality passed on by mothers to their sons. In this case, the defect affects only the X-chromosome. Males have only one X chromosome. In the case that the X chromosome was faulty, then the baby is most likely to be born with a genetic defect.
There are a wide range of birth defects. Some of the most common hereditary birth defects are the following:
Muscular Dystrophy – It is a muscle disease that causes the muscles to weaken. Such hereditary defect is inherited from the mother.
Tay-Sachs Disease – This disease affects the patient's central nervous system. It can cause dementia, blindness and seizures. Such abnormality can be dangerous and fatal. If both the mother and the father have a faulty gene, their offspring has a 25% chance of being born with the disease.
Sickle Cell Anemia – This is a disorder of the red blood cells. This can cause pain, fatigue and other health complications. This defect is common among Latin-Americans and African-Americans. If both parents carry the gene, their child has a 25% chance of being born with the disease.
As mentioned above, genetic birth defects are hereditary in nature. However, if you want to make sure that your baby will come out healthy and normal, ensure a healthy lifestyle and diet throughout your pregnancy.
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