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Friday, March 02, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Parenting Can Be Affected By Your Past

I write much in my book about how my less than perfect upbringing not only affected my desire and ability to get pregnant, but it was something I needed to address before I could be a good mother to my own child.
 I think having a baby at the age of 44 was directly and indirectly related to the lack of parenting I had as a child. When you don't have good role models, it's hard to want to jump into motherhood. In my case, it wasn't until I was older that I finally realized that I had the ability to break the cycle of poor parenting. Here is an article that talks more about the psychological aspects of pregnancy and motherhood:

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A woman's past matters as she faces impending motherhood. It matters greatly whether she had a positive or negative nurturing history, for this is part of the well she will draw from to nurture her baby. This doesn't mean the die is cast if beginnings were painful. It's always possible for a determined, thoughtful mother to find healing for her wounds and pass on more love and security to her children than she experienced during a childhood of privation or suffering.

Nine months of pregnancy can be a rich time as a woman reflects on becoming a mother and addresses any past wounds. If you are overwhelmed by the feelings that going home surfaces, then pregnancy is a good time to get your internal house in order. Seek counseling if necessary. I urge my clients to view this period of time as a gift — a time of preparation for the road ahead. A time to begin dealing with the past in earnest. A time to stretch and grow. The fact that a baby is coming is powerful motivation for any prospective mother. (excerpted from:  The Psychological Side of Pregnancy )

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