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Sunday, February 11, 2018


I'll have to admit, there a  many so called myths associated with how we came to this earth and how we procreate and multiply. One of my favorites is how the stork came to symbolize pregnancy and "baby on the way".
Birds have, since ancient times been associated with maternity and childbearing.  Why was the stork chosen?  First it's rather large (big enough to carry a baby), it is white symbolizing purity, and it can fly at high altitudes symbolizing the pathway from the heavens to earth.  Storks' association with babies gained widespread recognition from the Hans Christian Anderson story, "The Storks" where they would bring babies to expectant parents:

From the story:  "I know the pond in which all the little children lie, waiting till the storks come to
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take them to their parents. The prettiest little babies lie there dreaming more sweetly than they will ever dream in the time to come. All parents are glad to have a little child, and children are so pleased with a little brother or sister."

Human births have even been correlated with the number of stork nests!  It's hard to escape the use of storks in popular culture to signify pregnancy, fertility and conception.  Birthmarks on the backs of babies necks are still called "stork bites" and  in German folklore, people are said to leave sweets on their window sill to attract the stork and let them know they are ready for children.

Storks are one of my favorite symbols of fertility and pregnancy.  Like many symbols, they derive their power from your belief in them!

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