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Sunday, February 04, 2018


Wow, now they tell me!  I suffered from horrible "morning" sickness the entire first trimester of my pregnancy.  I often thought that I had the flu or that something was very wrong.  But no, it was "garden variety" morning sickness which happened to last all day.  Now they may have found a connection between a protein found in the placenta and morning sickness.  This could lead to new treatments.  Read more:


A single protein might explain why some women have morning sickness during pregnancy while others come through the initial months without feeling much of anything.
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According to a study done by researchers at the University of Cambridge, women who reported vomiting into their second trimester—when bouts of morning sickness will typically start to diminish—had higher concentrations of a protein called GDF15 in their blood around the start of their second trimester. The study involved about 2,229 women who were seen over eight years at one clinic.
 This research isn’t the first time that GDF15 protein has been linked with pregnancy. A lack of this particular protein has previously been tied to miscarriages. Given that link, the authors of the new paper speculate that high levels of GDF15 could mean the placenta has developed properly (the opposite of what a deficiency indicates). As for why the protein is implicated in morning sickness, the authors theorize that perhaps the protein triggers vomiting during the early stages of pregnancy so women aren’t tempted to eat anything that might hurt the developing fetus.

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