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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


 Coffee In Pregnancy And Epilepsy In Child

When I was pregnant, coffee was repulsive to me. Having been a coffee drinker since high school, that must have been my body's way of telling me to stay away from something potentially dangerous.  I did not drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages my entire pregnancy - most of the time I just drank water.  People tend to forget that caffeine is a drug just like anything else, but since it is so widely consumed, we think it's safe.
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 I have read that coffee can contribute to miscarriage, but this article talks about how it may contribute to epilepsy in the baby. Read more:


Pregnant women who drink too much coffee may increase the risk of their babies developing epilepsy, scientists have warned.

Researchers have found that caffeine may be linked to the development of epileptic discharges in cells from newborn mammals that have been briefly starved of oxygen.

The levels of oxygen that reach a baby often dip during birth.

It has been established that caffeine contained in coffee drunk by pregnant women crosses into the brain of the developing foetus. 


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