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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Second Baby Over 40

"Are you going to have any more kids?"  I never knew how to feel when I heard that question...part of me is very flattered that people thought I looked young enough to even ask since most people my age are grandparents. The other part of me wanted to give the person asking a lecture on how lucky we are to have one child and how we would never be greedy enough to expect another. But, of course, I usually smiled and say, hmmm...I'm not sure - we'll see.

See also: for more stories of women who had one or more babies over 40 (and 50)

I've often wondered what the best answer is to that question. I suppose it depends on who is asking. If
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it's a total stranger, I think the above response works pretty well. Afterall, if they wanted to think I'm a young fertile thing, why not? Like I said, I should be flattered. If it's a friend or family member who knows my fertility history to any degree I usually say something to the affect that we're very lucky to have one. Actually we really are very happy with one child. One is a very manageable number and we have time to enjoy every minute. I usually include that in my response as well.

On the other hand, I've known a number of people who have had multiple successful pregnancies over the age of 40 (many got pregnant naturally) so maybe asking if people are going to have another isn't so far fetched!

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