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Thursday, December 21, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40:  The Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking enough water in pregnancy is so important. I made it a point to start drinkng water in the morning so I could get all of my water in during the day.
 Here is an article that explains the importance of getting enough water in pregnancy. However, they do recommend stay away from tap water. Read more:


How is water good for your body and your baby?

* By flushing out your system, it helps get rid of unnecessary sodium and prevents Urinary Tract
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Infections (UTIs).
* It hydrates your body; pregnancy hormones are making you retain water and drinking more water helps fight that.
* Water facilitates the flow of nutrients through the blood to the baby.
* Did you know that the amniotic sack replenishes itself every hour, using approximately a cup of water stored in the mother’s body? This protects the baby, so help keep the sack wet!
* Your blood volume doubles and thickens during the eighth month of pregnancy; drink water to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
* You’ll have healthier skin and less acne.
* Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Trust us, you want to prevent this.
* Drinking water may alleviate morning sickness (NVP).
* Drinking water during your third trimester helps prevent premature birth

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