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Thursday, November 09, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40 and Antioxidants

Eating and supplementing your diet with antioxidants my be especially important during pregnancy.
 I've  heard that the obesity epidemic in this country is partly due to the  lifestyle and high fat high carb diet, but also it can partially be  attributed to the mother's prenatal diet (and whether or not the mother  was overweight or obese before pregnancy. This study talks about how it  could prevent diabetes and obesity in your baby.

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From the article:

(NaturalNews)  Antioxidants play a crucial role in preventing the onset of disease,  and they can
make all the difference in determining whether or not  children develop glucose intolerance or
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and how she protects pregnancy, and fertility
become obese. According to a new  study out of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHP), women who  consume high amounts of antioxidants before and during their pregnancies  may be protecting their children against diabetes and obesity.
Noting that diets high in bad fats and carbohydrates cause harmful  oxidative stress that leads to obesity and diabetes, researchers decided  to study the effect that antioxidants have in mitigating their onset.  The team fed four groups of test rats either a high-fat,  high-cholesterol diet, or a healthier and more balanced diet. The first  two groups received such diets with no additional

antioxidants, while  the other two received extra antioxidants with their diets.
At the conclusion of the study, the group eating the unhealthy "Western"  diet with no added antioxidants had significantly higher rates of  inflammation and oxidative stress than the other groups, and their  offspring were larger and had highers rates of glucose intolerance. The  Western diet group that consumed added antioxidants, however, produced  offspring with markedly lower rates of glucose intolerance and no  obesity whatsoever -- and these conditions persisted even after two  months.

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