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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Carnelian Uses and Properties - How it Can Benefit You

Guest Post By Loren Mann

Carnelian is a vibrant semi-precious gemstone which is popular with crystal lovers for its various powerful properties. This article takes a look at some of these.
What Is Carnelian?
Sometimes spelled as 'cornelian', Carnelian is a type of chalcedony (part of the quartz family) that has a rich orange-brown colour. The colour is the result of the presence of iron oxide, and varies a lot in intensity, with some specimens being a light orange, and others almost black. Sometimes it has a fleshy appearance, a characteristic from which its name is thought to be derived (from the Latin 'cano', which means 'flesh'). Carnelian is translucent, and may sometimes exhibit a banded effect.
Carnelian is also sometimes called 'sard', although the term sard is more correctly used to refer to varieties of the stone which are harder and darker in appearance. Carnelian has been popular in many
diverse cultures throughout history, and was at one point associated only with the elite of society. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to cast a protective effect over their tombs, and they also used it as a form of jewellery, to provide an energy boost during the day. The Romans also valued carnelian, using it as a material for making gem jewellery and seals.
Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Carnelian
Carnelian has various properties which make it valued by crystal lovers. These include:
  • It promotes courage and boldness
  • It creates a sense of stability and groundedness
  • A good stone for those lacking inner fortitude - increases self-confidence and inner security
  • Good for the indecisive - helps to make decision-making easier
  • It may enhance creativity
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Increases motivation and drive
  • Helps to increase mental focus and clarity
  • Physically, it may increase energy, and is associated with fertility, the lower back and abdomen, and the kidneys. It is often beneficial during pregnancy
  • A good stone for work with the navel (second) chakra
  • Helps to protect against negative influences both from other people and from non-physical entities


Overall, carnelian is a very active, vital stone that is a great choice for increasing both physical and mental energy.
Using Carnelian
Carnelian can easily be used by placing the stone on the skin in the relevant locations. Alternatively, you could wear a carnelian pendant, to take advantage of its powers as you go about your day.
Like other stones, carnelian should be cleansed regularly. This can be accomplished by holding the stone under running water, and then placing it in the sun to 'recharge'.
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