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Monday, February 20, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, Breast Changes

Sore breasts can definitely be one of the first signs of pregnancy.
I had sore breasts as early as day 25-26 of my cycle for most of my pregnancies. However, I've also had sore breasts right before my period was about to start. So, If you're trying to figure out if your pregnant, there's probably a few other factors to take into account as explained in this article:

Before you’ve even carried out a home pregnancy test, you may be alerted to the possibility by feeling a sense of heaviness in the breasts, or perhaps noticed some swelling. These symptoms are particularly noticeable at bedtime when you’re attempting to get comfortable, or when you are carrying out your normal exercise routine. The new buxom you could be expecting a visit from the
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proverbial stork.

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Pregnancy sets a number of processes in motion in a woman’s body. The change in hormones can cause breast tenderness, darkening of the nipples and an overall increase in sensation in the area. These changes will start to occur from as early as one to two weeks following conception.

Be advised, however, that increased breast soreness can be a symptom of PMT, and your wish to become pregnant could be heightening your awareness of the sensations.

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