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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Developing a Good Diet and Exercise Program For Pregnancy

Guest Post By Dr. Tina Wilson

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. She will be using the natural biological processes that she possesses to create new life, in harmony with her partner. While most women are overjoyed to be expecting a child, they may also be extremely concerned about the amount of weight that they can expect to gain. They may even diet to keep it under control. However, pregnancy is a very delicate time, for both mother and baby, and certain parameters need to be maintained in order to
have a healthy pregnancy and uneventful birth.
Stop Looking at the Scale
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The biggest thing that most women need to realize is that weight gain is necessary and healthy during pregnancy. While you certainly don't gain license to gorge yourself on fast food and pastries, the scale really shouldn't matter. As long as you keep your focus on getting the healthy foods that you and your baby will need, your weight gain will be reasonable and as expected. Also, don't let yourself be complacent, thinking that you don't have to be moving. Moderate exercise is healthy for pregnant women.


What Should You Eat?
A balanced diet during pregnancy isn't a whole lot different from the healthy eating that is needed for other women. Mainly, your focus will shift a bit to be heavier on certain food groups. Pregnant women need to ensure that they are getting both adequate amounts of protein and calcium. Both these nutrients are heavily used by your growing baby. If you don't get enough, the baby's growth isn't likely to be affected. However, your own reserves of these substances will become depleted, and your health will probably suffer. Make sure that you have a high protein diet, including suitable foods at every meal. Eggs are a good choice for breakfast, while beans and animal proteins should be included for other meals. Mix up your dairy consumption with things like yogurt, sour cream, milk and other products. Also, keep a firm focus on fruits and vegetables, as they offer essential nutrients as well. If you are unsure of what you are, or should be, eating, talk to your doctor for more specific ideas.
Moving is Okay
Many pregnant women are under the impression that it is harmful to exercise while they are pregnant. However, that is largely a misconception. While you certainly do not want to introduce a new, high intensity workout to your lifestyle at this point, continuing a moderate exercise plan is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that you eliminate any bouncing or jarring movements from your existing routine. You can also begin new routines that are low impact, and geared specifically for pregnant mothers. Some good choices include walking, yoga or Pilates. If you can find a class that is specifically for pregnant women, that is ideal. However, discussing your needs with an instructor beforehand may be sufficient.
When it comes to pregnancy, it's not the time to actively lose weight and diet. However, you can adjust your lifestyle slightly so that you have an easier time getting back into shape after your new baby arrives. Keep your eye on basic nutrition, focusing on getting plenty of protein, calcium, and fresh produce. If you do exercise, keep it within safe parameters for both you and your growing baby. If you focus on the big picture, your weight gain will be healthy and normal, and should come off quickly, especially if you breastfeed your new baby.
Dr.Tina Wilson is a renowned Gynecologist and had been working with Red Cross Hospital, Vietnam. She guides and advises pregnant women online with a person to person approach in her website; log on for the latest feeds now; Pregnancy Plan []
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