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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Gender Prediction As Early As 6 Weeks

When I was trying to conceive, I honestly would have taken, a boy, a girl or an alien for that matter.
 I just wanted a baby. But some women and couples have a strong preference for a boy or a girl. I can't say I totally understand this, but I do know of couples who will keep having babies until they get the gender they want. Of course those of us who start out a little older and/or those of us who struggle to get pregnant don't have the luxury of doing that. I found this article on about a new test that may be able to predict the baby's gender just six weeks into the pregnancy. Of course, you can imagine the ethical issues attached to this one. Read more:


Test not regulated
Parents who order the Pink or Blue test receive a packet where the mother provides a spot of blood on a special card. That is sent back to the company’s laboratories, and within four to six days, the gender of the fetus is revealed with up to 98 percent accuracy if instructions are properly followed, according to DNA Worldwide.

Because the test is marketed as “informational” rather than medical, it is not regulated by health authorities in Britain or abroad.
from:Test can tell baby’s sex 6 weeks into pregnancy

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Forgetfulness and Pregnancy

I can't recall if I experienced memory loss when I was pregnant. I was so nervous that I decreased my activity level and I worked very little to reduce my stress level. However, some women do experience problems with their memory and according to the following article, there may be a real reason. Read more:

"No longer dismissed at just "one of those things" you must deal with while pregnant, some medical researchers are addressing the problem by investigating various possible causes for the short-term memory loss. For instance, it has been suggested that it is the change in sleep patterns during pregnancy that affect a woman's ability to remember information, rather than changes to the brain. Also, a plethora of well-meaning health articles stress that an upcoming birth is more than enough to overwhelm an expectant mother, with thoughts and concerns plaguing her so that her memory may be more hazy than usual.


Other studies attribute weakened memory to iron-defienciency during pregnancy. If your body doesn't have enough iron to fuel hemoglobin production for you and your baby, you're likely to develop iron-deficient anemia. Some common symptoms of anemia include fatigue, weakness, irritablity and yes, forgetfulness. From about the twentieth week of pregnancy, the little life inside you has been using up much of your iron intake, so break out the lentils and green leafy vegetables!

But let's not forget the hormones. Always the hormones. According to a 1998 report in Fit Pregnancy magazine, at least one study has found that pregnant women's brains get smaller in the third trimester. British researchers scanned the brains of ten moms-to-be during their last trimesters and again a few months after their babies were born and discovered that brain cell volume decreases during pregnancy, only to plump up again sometime after delivery. The researchers speculate that hormones cause the shrinkage; they hope further study will prove their hypothesis. 

Memory Loss During Pregnancy
by Rani Long

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Pregnancy Over 40, Umbilical Cord Abnormalities

The scary thing about genetically modified crops is that sometimes they are hidden in our foods without us knowing it.
 According to this article, these foods may be changing the structure of pregnant women's umbilical cords. Read more:


Cords are [now] shorter. we are seeing many less dramatic examples of shorter cords, velamentous cord insertion, diminished Wharton's jelly, and strange looking placentas.

Last week we had a five babies in a 12 hour night... two had velamentous cord insertions! It's just not average anymore. In five days time I saw one fatal cord accident, another cord problem leading to stat cesarean birth, and today another incident of deep fetal distress due to cord problems.

The study I read concerning M16 genetically modified corn showed that when fed to pregnant mice, all the offspring in one generation, had alterations of ALL the cells in ALL their organs! Can you see why I am worried about our precious placentas? I did not make this connection until I began to see an increase in abnormalities and pathology due to placenta and cord troubles. The fact that so many Indonesian women depend upon genetically modified soy products (tempe and tofu) for their day-to-day protein -- and the early introduction of GMO soy here... it got me wondering.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Is it really that hard to get pregnant over 40?

It seems like every time I turn around, I am reading about how wome over 40 need to "run, not walk" to the nearest fertility clinic.  The media likes to jump on the bandwagon and write stories of how hard it will be to get pregnant.  However, the fact is that the unexpected rate of pregnancy in women over 40 is second only to teenagers!  Before the days of birth control, having a baby over 40 was fairly routine.  Granted, it may have been the last child of a large family, but the fact remains that women over 40, assuming they are still ovulating can be very fertile.


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Benefits of Probiotics for Pregnancy

Guest Post By Anthony Dwiers
Not all bacteria are bad. There are some which are actually beneficial to the body. Falling under the good bacteria category are those called probiotics. These are similar to the good bacteria found in the human gut which help aid proper digestion. They were discovered by Elie Metchnikoff who was a microbiologist from Russia and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace.
The most common kind of probiotic available in food is lactobacillus acidophilus which can be found in cultured foods like yogurt and those with other live cultures. Probiotics help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and when intestinal bacteria start causing health concerns like diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome, probiotics balance their population and help reduce the discomfort and worsening of the situation.
How do probiotics help pregnant women?
Pregnancy comes with a host of ailments related to the digestive system and probiotics help pregnant women suffer less from these conditions. Some conditions which probiotics can help with during pregnancy include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Intestinal cramping
  • Constipation 


    When pregnant women integrate probiotic-rich food in their diets, they help make their gastrointestinal tract have a better environment. Probiotics help provide relief from constipation by regulating bowel movements. These good bacteria also help regulate the normal motion of the digestive system; thus, lessening heartburns and intestinal cramping.
    The benefits of probiotics don't just stop at improving the state of pregnant women's digestive system. Probiotics also help boost the immune system of not just the mother but the baby's as well. These good bacteria help ward off colds and other diseases to lessen health complications that the baby may experience during the time of pregnancy.
    Research is still ongoing about how probiotics can help pregnant women but one other good effect they have is helping to prevent eczemas to form during pregnancy.
    What foods are rich in probiotics?
    Good bacteria like probiotics can be found mostly in dairy products which have undergone fermentation. The top sources and most easily accessible food groups which contain probiotics which are beneficial for the digestive system and pregnancy include:

    • Yogurt
    • Cheese
    • Sour cream
    • Milk
    • Miso
    • Tempeh
    • Soy products

    Another great thing about probiotics is that they are available in foods which are easily accessible and found in the supermarket. However, there are also probiotic supplements which can be bought over the counter. They are available in either capsule or powder form.
    Things to Remember Before Adding Probiotics to a Pregnant Woman's Diet
    Because pregnancy is a sensitive stage in a woman's life, it is highly important to thoroughly evaluate the factors and benefits which one can get from probiotics. Just because it works for one doesn't mean it will have the same effects on another. Some considerations include:

    • Lactose intolerance
    • Remember to pick pasteurized products
    • Are these food items approved by the physician?

    While there are benefits to be had from adding probiotic-rich foods to a pregnant woman's diet, the above factors should be taken into consideration to lessen the risks of adding instead of lessening complications during pregnancy.
    It is still best to talk with a physician before purchasing supplements or probiotic-rich food items intended to be added to a pregnant woman's diet. The benefits of probiotics during pregnancy reduces several discomforts, but it is better to be careful and think of the bigger picture before making changes to a pregnant woman's nutrition.
    Specialists in health of the colon; GI for Life is fully commited to developing Intestinal Products centred on the most recent research for supporting digestive system, intestinal and Colorectal Health. GI for Life are the makers for the nutritional supplement ColoVite which can be described as supplement based by the most recent research into the incidence of colon polyps and colon cancer, as well as a n innovative Probiotic Supplements with enzymes and prebiotics for Digestive Wellness, and Liposomal Liquid Vitamin D3 for overall well being.

    Article Source:

    Friday, July 18, 2014


    Food - It's Impact on the Gender of Your Child

    By Sarah M Ocean

    What you eat can affect the gender of your future child for a magnitude of reasons - however, all you really need to know is that your body's pH level is required to be at a certain level depending on which gender you wish to produce.
    If you wish to have a girl, you'll need to focus on foods that will boost acidity in your body. This is because the sperm that carries the x chromosome necessary for the conception of a girl is bigger, and more durable, than their male counterparts. Therefore, they and are favoured by an acidic environment because the male sperm are not strong enough to survive. This leaves only sperm carrying the x chromosome to fertilize the egg.
    The following is a non-exclusive list of foods that will help boost your pH level to a desired level of acidity naturally:


    Asparagus, beef, bread, buckwheat, butter, cashew nuts, cheese, cereal, crab, cream, eggs, fish, flour, ham, hazelnuts, honey, jello, lamb, lentils, macaroni, maple syrup, meats, mushrooms, oats, pasta, peanuts, pork, peas, pistachios, rice, prunes, rye, salmon, spaghetti, sugar & wine.
    However please keep in mind that the human blood pH level should naturally sit around 7.35 - 7.45, which makes it slightly alkaline. Any level below 7.0 is considered acidic, whilst any level above 7.0 is alkaline. An acidic balance in your blood can result in a decrease in your body's ability to absorb minerals and nutrients, a lowered energy production in cells and a reduction in its ability to repair damaged cells. This can occur not only due to what you eat, but from emotional stress, immune reactions and toxic overload
    On the other hand, If you want to conceive a boy, it is better to eat foods that will boost your alkalinity. This type of environment favours male sperm (sperm that carry the y chromosome responsible for conceiving males) because they are naturally more agile than their female counterparts, and the absence of acidity in the uterus allows them to reach the egg for fertilization much faster.
    The following is a non-exclusive list of foods that, should you consume, will help boost your alkalinity:
    Watermelon, vegetable oils, cranberries, coconut, dates, celery strawberries, spinach, soybeans, rhubarb, raisins, raspberries, pumpkin, apples, bananas, broccoli, passion fruit, peaches, pears, pineapple, oranges, onions, lima beans, lemons, garlic and grapes.
    Although there are many more ways to help increase the odds of conceiving a baby of your desired gender, this is one of the most effective and natural methods.
    However, as always, please remember that your own health and safety come first and that you need to consult your doctor before undertaking any diet changes.

    Click here to learn more about this topic and how to naturally conceive a girl
    Article Source:

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014


    To my readers:  I was contacted by a casting company who is looking for women with a pregnancy over 50.  Please use the contact information below if you have had a pregnancy over 50 or if you know someone who might fit the description below:
    From Casting House:

    We are currently casting for a documentary series for the Discovery channel at the moment all about unique and unusual pregnancies. As part of this we are looking for lots of different women in different situations to share their pregnancy stories. One of the particular stories we are looking into and would like to follow is that where the mother to be is 50 or over.


    The show focus on women’s different and varying pregnancy stories and their individual journeys. We are therefore looking for extraordinary women who are currently going through a unique or unusual pregnancy to share their story , their challenges,and their day to day routines and how they are preparing for the birth of their child.

    From sharing the news with your loved ones, to medical appointments and baby showers – right up to the big day itself - we want to explore the realities – the highs and lows, the excitement and the inevitable anxieties that being an extraordinary pregnant mum brings, and help you share your pregnancy story.

    Contact information for Emma Furniss:
    email : 
    phone number is UK 01908 681 142.

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014



    Pregnancy Over 40, Apples To Prevent Asthma

    Wow, I wish I would have known this when I was pregnant.
    My husband has terrible allergies which trigger his asthma. I've always worried that my daughter might inherit this problem. My big craving when I was pregnant was oranges - I ate at least two per day. I occasionally had apples, but probably not enough to benefit in the way described in the article below. Read more:


     This unique longitudinal study tracked dietary intake by nearly 2000 pregnant women, then examined the effects of the maternal diet on airway development in more than 1200 of their children five years later. Among a wide variety of foods consumed and recorded by the pregnant women, the researchers concluded that the children of mothers who ate apples had a significantly reduced risk for the development of asthma and childhood wheezing.

    Apple Consumption During Pregnancy Reduces Risk For Childhood Wheezing And Asthma - Other Healthy Foods Not Linked With Same Protection ( 

    Sunday, July 13, 2014


    Pregnancy and trying to conceive as a vegetarian

    Are you a vegetarian and pregnant or trying to conceive?  Many cultures around the world eat a meatless diet and have healthy pregnancies.  What special considerations do vegetarians need to pay attention to if they are pregnant?  Although a vegetarian diet is very healthy, there are some nutrients you should pay special attention to.  These include: Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc, essential fats and, of course, protein.


    Monday, July 07, 2014


    Pregnancy Over 40 - Possible Cause Of SIDS Found

    Every parents nightmare is having a baby die from SIDS.
     This article may have finally found a cause and effect relationship between a baby's serotonin system and an increased liklihood of SIDS. Read more:

    From the article:


    At last, there's a true breakthrough in the battle to understand Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Researchers at Children's Hospital Boston were able to link abnormalities in the brain's serotonin system -- which regulates breathing, blood pressure, body heat, sensitivity to carbon dioxide, and arousal -- to the deadly syndrome. "Serotonin is like an alarm," says study author Hannah Kinney, M.D. If babies sleep face down or get their faces covered with bedding, they are in danger of rebreathing their own exhaled carbon dioxide, cutting off their oxygen intake. Normally, when carbon dioxide levels rise, serotonin stimulates the baby to wake up, turn his head, and start breathing faster. For SIDS babies, that alarm doesn't go off. "We can now say SIDS is not a freak thing. It's a disease," adds Dr. Kinney. "That makes it more important than ever to follow the SIDS precautions."

    Saturday, July 05, 2014


    Arcuate Uterus and Other Abnormalities

    Have you been told you have an arcuate or misshaped uterus?  I was actually told that I had a slight arcuate uterus.  This is when the uterus is bowed in at the top.  Normally a uterus is pear shaped, but with an arcuate uterus the wide part at the top dips in a little bit.  My doctor's words were, "If I could wish it away, I would, but I don't think it will keep you from getting pregnant".  A successful pregnancy is possible with an arcuate uterus.


    Friday, July 04, 2014


    Can A Fertility Bracelet Help Me Get Pregnant?

    By Cindy Richie
    For hundreds of years women have been long adorning themselves with fertility bracelets, jewelry and charms with the hope that the energy held within the stones increases their fertility. The many cultures of the world have long supported the idea that the natural powerful fertility energies held within stones and were made a part of their customs to adorn themselves in the hopes of getting pregnant. In celebration of their fertility and womanhood right of passage, they'd actually embellish themselves by selling the fertility stones into their garments.
    Modern-day traditions support the belief that certain gemstones can assist women considered to be unable to have children to boost the odds that she would be able to get pregnant. Whether or not fertility jewelry holds the power to enhance your fertility can just be decided by the results you've got once you have put on an ovulation bracelet or fertility charm for quite a while.

    Should you choose it to be your belief that the absolute most power fertility charms could have would be a good luck charm, many infertility bracelets are quite pretty to wear, and when it's your desire to get pregnant, what could be the harm. Furthermore a fertility bracelet has the advantage that every time you wear it you are re-inforcing the idea in your subconscious mind that you would like to conceive a child.
    There isn't just one form of fertility stone, actually various cultures have their own unique customary native stone like the Rose Quartz, also known as the "love stone" considered to have much power to promote overall reproductive system health and wellbeing. Rhodonite is also believed to be an excellent fertility stone used to calm a woman's emotional behavior.
    Chrysoprase is a kind of fertility stone thought to bring happiness, calm down her nerves and offer compassion, and Moonstone used for nurturing receptivity. To help with the woman's blood circulation, Bloodstone is believed to help aid overall health in boosting fertility by alleviating the body of blood clotting disorders.
    The green garnet, Vessonite is thought to have the powerful energy to create an atmosphere for a stable pregnancy. Every one of the manifestation crystals within the Quartz family are a perfect choice when deciding which fertility stone in a bracelet that's best for you, because of its own natural capability to develop little "family clusters" on its own.
    Whenever attempting to choose which fertility bracelet suits you, you should approach the final decision as if you would deciding on any other jewelry. Those specials stones that "speak" to you are most probably those that you truly need. Whether you choose to purchase some piece of fertile jewelry or actually make a fertility bracelet on your own, adorning yourself with all the fertile power from the stones of a fertility bracelet is simply yet another aid to realize your goals in getting pregnant.
    A fertility bracelet is a fun and functional way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Fertility bracelets contain fertility stones such as rose quartz and aventurine that have long been praised for their fertility powers.
    Click here ==> to learn more about what is a fertility bracelet and how it can help you get pregnant faster.
    Article Source:

    Wednesday, July 02, 2014


    Pregnancy Over 40, Is Drinking Juice Safe?

    I've always thought juice should be consumed in moderation because of its high sugar content.
     You may also want to make sure that your juice is pasteurized.  This article discusses some other reasons why certain juices should be consumed in moderation:

    Some juices may be consumed in moderation by pregnant women. Apple juice contains small amounts of iron that is required during pregnancy by the body. Orange juice should not be consumed in very large amounts even though it has the fiber that pregnant women need. This is because pregnant mothers are more prone to tooth decay and the strong acids in orange juice encourage tooth damage. Too much orange juice also leads to heart burn or gastrointestinal discomfort due to the high amounts of Vitamin C.

    See also: my series on foods for fertility and pregnancy at: 

     Prune juice is nutritious and can alleviate constipation which is common during pregnancy. However, it is best not to drink too much of it if you are close to the delivery date. Spinach juice may not taste so sweet and contains nitrates but it may be consumed in small amounts during pregnancy as it contains plenty of vitamins and iron. It also has plenty of folic acid that can protect your baby from neural tube defects and Spina Bifida.

    Other fruit juices that can give you folic acid and vitamins like Vitamin C are mulberry juice, tangerine and lemon juice. Vegetable juices that are good for the pregnant mother and the infant are cucumber juice, Chinese cabbage juice, kermes radish juice, broccoli juice, lettuce juice and carrot juice.


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