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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Inducing Labor Naturally

Natural Methods vs. Medical Labor Induction

If you're opposed to the idea of being induced with drugs, you're not alone.
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There are some ways to get your body to go into labor which don't involve drugs.  This site discusses some ways women can induce labor naturally:


As we work down our list, this next method is by far the most relaxing, comfortable one to try. If it doesn't work, you'll still be glad you tried! Here is your guide to using acupressure to induce labor.

The last idea I'd like to mention is a method that you are using every day without realizing it. Every time you walk, you are using one of the natural ways to induce labor. Yes, that's right. Walking is a time-honored method of speeding labor. It uses the forces of gravity to aid in ripening the cervix to prepare for the birth of your new baby. With every step you take to the bathroom, remember you're one step closer to labor!


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