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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Older Mothers Don't Have Higher Risk Of Post Partum Depression

Pregnancy Over 40, Not Related To Post Partum Depression

A number of articles claim older mothers have more problems than younger ones, but I find there are plenty of publications that say just the opposite.

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 This article for instance says that older mothers don't have a higher rise of post partum depression. Read more:

Women who have their first baby at an older age aren't at any greater risk of postpartum depression than their younger counterparts, according to an Australian study of more than 500 first-time mothers.

Researchers led by Catherine McMahon at Macquarie University in Australia found that women aged 37 or older were no more likely to get postpartum depression than younger women, regardless of whether they conceived naturally or had infertility treatment.

"Older mothers are frequently discussed in the media. There are a lot of myths, and limited empirical data," McMahon, a psychology professor, said in an email.

There has been speculation, for instance, that older mothers might have a tougher time adjusting to motherhood after being in the workforce for a long time, or have more trouble dealing with the lifestyle changes that a baby brings.

"There is no research evidence to support these speculations,"

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