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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watch Out For "The Womb Police"!

Pregnancy Over 40, Yes, They're Watching!

I saw this posting on "" and thought it was kind of funny.
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We all know that everyone wants to look out for pregnant women. There's a helpless unborn baby inside of them and well meaning people want to do everything to protect it. But sometimes they go too far. This humorous look at "the womb police" got me laughing. Read more:

When I was six months pregnant with my third child, I had the honor of toasting one of my closest friends at her wedding. I stood, wine glass in hand, extolling the great gifts of a well-met marriage rubbing my expanding belly for emphasis. After I sat down, one of the men at our table took away my wine glass and said, “I know you know your baby doesn’t need this.”

Now, it should be noted, I hadn’t taken a sip from the glass, but that was not the point. This guy was just another in a long line of well-meaning men (and the occasional woman) who felt compelled to tell me what to eat, drink, and generally do while I was pregnant.


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