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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Mother's Stress Affect Kids

Pregnancy Over 40, Stress and Kids

We have all heard that stress affects our ability to get pregnant.
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One of my previous posts talks about how parents' stress may contribute to shy kids. Here's another article about how prenatal stress can affect a child's sleep patterns:

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...children born to mothers who were depressed or anxious during pregnancy experienced more sleep problems. For instance, mothers classified as clinically anxious 18 weeks into pregnancy, compared to their non-anxious counterparts, were about 40 percent more likely to have an 18-month-old who refused to go to bed, woke early, and kept crawling out of bed. The child’s rocky relationship with sleep often persisted until he or she was 30 months old.

A similar effect was found in children born to mothers who were depressed during pregnancy. 

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