Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Friday, June 28, 2013

What Is Pregnancy Bedrest and How To Survive It

Bed Rest In Pregnancy May Mean Different Things For Each Pregnant Woman

Many women with higher risk pregnancies are put on bedrest.
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 I was never on bedrest, but I've known many women who nearly went crazy when forced to stay off their feet for months. Here is an article about how to survive:

What is Bed Rest?

Bed rest does not mean the same thing for every woman. Variabilities are dependent on each woman, her medical complications, and her healthcare provider. Bed rest may mean 24 hours a day in bed (strict bed rest). Other women may be allowed to get up only to use the bathroom (bed rest with bathroom privileges). For others, limited activity may be prescribed (rest periods in bed with shower privileges, car rides to the doctor, and the ability to make lunch, for example). It is extremely important that you clarify with your healthcare provider your exact activity level. Some specific questions to ask are:

Can I sit up?

How long will I be on bed rest?

Can I use the bathroom or take a shower?

Can I drive at all or be a passenger?

Am I able to do any household chores? Which ones?

Can I eat my meals at the table or at the couch?

What level of sexual activity is safe?

Can I work at home?

Tips to maintain your health and your peace of mind include:

Obtain information: Knowledge will help you feel more in control. Find out exactly which activities are allowed and which are not.

Organize your environment: Items to keep nearby include: telephone and telephone book; tissues; TV and VCR with remote controls; laptop computer; cooler or mini-refrigerator for beverages, snacks, and lunch; books on tape; magazines and catalogues; notebook and pen for questions and to-do lists; and a cassette/CD player.

Maintain a routine: A schedule will also help you feel more in control. Keep regular times for visits, naps, and activities.

Pamper yourself: Use body lotion; have a manicure; arrange for your hairdresser to come to your bedside; get a massage (check with your healthcare provider first); purchase pretty pajamas; and wear makeup if you usually do.

Stay connected: Keeping in touch with others will help you from feeling isolated. Have a friend come over for lunch as often as you feel up to it. Invite friends over who are good listeners and who can bring their own food; write letters; e-mail; write in a journal; and reach out to other moms on bed rest either via telephone or the Internet (see Resources).

Ask for help: You will need the support of your family and friends to get through this difficult time. Ask someone to fold a load of laundry; bring in the mail; collect take-out menus; drive a child to an after-school activity; go to the library; or run an errand.

Use delivery services: Many supermarkets, drugstores, and dry cleaners will deliver items. Take advantage of these services.

Practical Items: The following items will make your life on bed rest somewhat easier: a large wastebasket; wet wipes; cups with lids and flexible straws; an ironing board for a bedside table; a mini-refrigerator; a bathtub chair if you are allowed to shower; an egg-crate mattress; and a mechanical “arm” to reach far away items. In addition, keep a bag packed for unexpected trips to the hospital.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pregnancy and Post-partum Depression

Pregnancy Over 40 and Post-partum Depression

I've written before about post-partum depression, however, according to the article below, depression can be quite common during pregnancy as well.
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 Here is an article about depression in pregnancy and a possible thyroid connection:

From the article:

Source: AHRQ Research Release, May 2005) According to a new report by the Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), depression is as common in women during pregnancy as it is after giving birth. Health care providers and patients may fail to recognize depression during pregnancy because signs of depression like tiredness, trouble sleeping, emotional changes, and weight gain may also occur simply as a result of being pregnant.
According to the report, roughly 1 in 20 American women who are pregnant or have given birth in the previous 12 months are suffering from major depression. When episodes of major and minor depression are combined, as many as 13 percent of women experience depression. The report defines perinatal depression as occurring during pregnancy and up to 12 months after childbirth


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Mother's Stress Affect Kids

Pregnancy Over 40, Stress and Kids

We have all heard that stress affects our ability to get pregnant.
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One of my previous posts talks about how parents' stress may contribute to shy kids. Here's another article about how prenatal stress can affect a child's sleep patterns:

See Also: Stress, Infertility and Miscarriage (www.getpregnantover40.com) 

...children born to mothers who were depressed or anxious during pregnancy experienced more sleep problems. For instance, mothers classified as clinically anxious 18 weeks into pregnancy, compared to their non-anxious counterparts, were about 40 percent more likely to have an 18-month-old who refused to go to bed, woke early, and kept crawling out of bed. The child’s rocky relationship with sleep often persisted until he or she was 30 months old.

A similar effect was found in children born to mothers who were depressed during pregnancy. 

from:   (www.sciencedaily.com)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pregnancy Over 50: Woman 50 Years Old Having Second Baby

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Read about my surprise pregnancy at 49 at www.getpregnantover40.com


Women who had natural pregnancies over age 50 (getpregnantover40.com) 


Benefits of Water Aerobics In Pregnancy

Pregnancy Over 40 and Exercise

Probably the last thing you want to do when pregnant is to get into a swimsuit.
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However, there may be real benefits to doing water aerobics. It can help with everything from stress to having pain relief during labor. Read more:

Some benefits of water aerobics during pregnancy:

• Studies have proved that women who do water aerobics throughout their pregnancy need less pain killing medication during childbirth.
• You will feel very light in water. It will ease the weight of the baby on your body, and ease backaches and pain.
• Your bones and joints don’t get strained like other exercises.
• It keeps your stomach muscles strong.
• It prevents spider veins on your legs.
• Water aerobics also helps you to relax, relieve anxiety, remain calm during pregnancy and also helps you to get good sleep.
• Women who did water aerobics are found to have easier delivery, and recover much faster after delivery


Blood Test Can Detect Down Syndrome

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The Dangers Of Co-sleeping

Pregnancy Over 40 and Co-Sleeping

I'm such a light sleeper, I rarely was able to have my daughter sleep with us (and on the occasions she did, I never fell asleep).
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Here's an article about how it can be dangerous to have a young baby or child sleep with adults. Read more:

The image of a parent and a baby dozing off together in the parent's bed isn't an uncommon one. It's a warm gesture and seems the natural thing to do, particularly on a cold winter's night. But is it safe?

See Also: Pregnancy Over 40 (www.getpregnantover40.com)

It's called co-sleeping. And according to child welfare and public health officials, infant-related deaths due to co-sleeping - where an adult rolls over on the infant and accidentally suffocates them - are no longer viewed as tragic anomalies. Infants who sleep in the same bed as an adult are more likely to suffer injury, even death.? In Georgia, co-sleeping is a leading cause of sleep-related infant deaths, and is the leading cause of deaths of infants three to four months old. The Department of Human Resources' Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) has launched a public awareness campaign on the dangers of co-sleeping with its front line workers, those who are in constant, direct contact with mothers and their newborns.

from:  emaxhealth.com

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Autism and Testosterone Connection

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57 Year Old Has "Surprise" Pregnancy

Pregnancy Over 40 and 50!  57 Year Old Pregnant By Surprise

The 57 year old woman in the article below did undergo fertility treatment, however she and her doctors thought the treatment had failed.
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 She then found out she was pregnant at 30 weeks. This is truly amazing that none of the healthcare professionals considered pregnancy. Read more:

"I was eating whatever I wanted and taking strong painkillers for my bad back.

"I was prescribed antibiotics when I went down with a chest infection and also progesterone, because I was bleeding heavily and the doctor thought it would correct over-production of oestrogen caused by the IVF treatment.

See Also: I Got Pregnant At 49 (www.getpregnantover40.com)

"So of course when I found out I was pregnant my first thought was, 'Is the baby going to be OK?'

"When I asked the doctors what would happen if there was something seriously wrong with her, I was told, 'Well it's too late now. You are 30 weeks pregnant. You'll have to go through the birth and then decide if you want her adopted if she is disabled.'

"That is a very frightening thing to be told and I was particularly worried by the prescription drugs I'd taken during the early months.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Pregnancy and Allergies, Are Medications Safe?

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Dangers Of Swimming As Exercise In Pregnancy

Pregnancy Over 40,  Do These Things When Swimming

I have always thought of swimming as a great way to get exercise in pregnancy.
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 Most professionals will recommend swimming because of a decreased chance of injury in the water.  However, there are some dangers you should be aware of as this article explains. Read more:

From the article:

How to have a great, safe pregnancy swim workout:
1. Choose a stroke that won’t put pressure on your pregnant body. Front Crawl is great for a higher intensity pregnancy workout.

2. If you need a resting stroke for intervals try using a snorkel with breast stroke arms so that you don’t have to keep bobbing your head out of the water and putting pressure on your lower back, whilst using front crawl legs to propel you.

See Also: Stress and Infertility (www.getpregnantover40.com)

3. Have a light snack a couple of hours before you enter the pool.

4. If you have access to a chemical-free pool in your area then use it.

5. Always shower and wash your hair immediately after leaving the pool to reduce uptake of chemicals into your bloodstream.

from divinecaroline.com

Strange Pregnancy Symptoms In Early Pregnancy

 Strange Symptoms of Early Pregnanc

 I recall having a fluttering in my stomach even before I took a pregnancy test.  I thought it was obviously too early to feel the actual pregnancy, however, there was an embryo inside of me growing...who's to say you can't feel something in there?  This article talks about a number of symptoms later in pregnancy.
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 I think I experienced all of these, so I'm glad someone is talking about them. Read more:

Here are a few from the article:

Nose Bleeds & Nasal Stuffiness
Your nose is so far away from your uterus, how could it be involved? But nose bleeds and stuffiness can be very common. Treat the symptoms with natural remedies like a humidifier or snorting salt water. If that doesn't help, talk to your doctor or midwife for other options.

See Also: Early Pregnancy Symptoms (www.getpregnantover40.com)

Vaginal Discharge
When you're pregnant you expect your periods to stop. You probably don't expect an increase in vaginal discharge. This discharge is normal and healthy. If it bothers you, simply wear a panty liner. It will increase in amount until the birth of your baby. If there is ever a change in color or an odor, you should report it to your doctor or midwife



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Over 40 and your brain

I frequently joke around that I have "geriatric brain".
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 Well, if you're pregnant, don't be surprised if you really do have "pregnancy brain". That forgetful "spacey" feeling may have some basis in fact. Read more:

What Is Pregnancy Brain?
In a nutshell, pregnancy brain is "the feeling of walking into a room, going after something, and not remembering what you went for about five to 10 times a day," she says.

"Pregnancy brain is about forgetting where you put your keys or forgetting three of 27 items in the grocery store," adds Donnica Moore, MD, a women's health expert based in Far Hills, N.J.

New-York-city-based author Esther Blum, RD, noticed that her memory was lapsing during pregnancy. "I would call my best friend and we'd have a whole conversation and then I'd call her later on in the day to talk about the same thing," she tells WebMD.

See Also: Pregnancy Over 40 (www.getpregnantover40.com)

There are many possible -- and plausible -- explanations for pregnancy brain, Brizendine explains.

For starters, "the brain is being marinated in a huge amount of [the pregnancy hormone] oxytocin during pregnancy," says Brizendine. Oxytocin has been shown to have amnesia-like effects during pregnancy.

from: www.webmed.com

Are Herbs Safe In Pregnancy?

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Rib Pain During Pregnancy and What To Do About It

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My site for more on fertility, pregnancy over 40: www.getpregnantover40.com


 See Also: Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms (www.getpregnantover40.com) 

Guardian Angel Fertility Necklace
With Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pregnancy, Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners

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Nitrate Dangers In Pregnancy

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The Case Against Circumcision

Pregnancy Over 40 and Circumcision

I never had to deal with the circumcision question since I had a girl, but many parents struggle with whether or not to circumcise their boys.
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This article gives some reasons why circumcision may not be a good idea, but of course, this is something you should discuss with your doctor.

From the article:

How Does Circumcision Harm?

The "medical" debate about the "potential health benefits" of circumcision rarely addresses its real effects.

Circumcision denudes: Depending on the amount of skin cut off, circumcision robs a male of as much as 80 percent or more of his penile skin. Depending on the foreskin's length, cutting it off makes the penis as much as 25 percent or more shorter. Careful anatomical investigations have shown that circumcision cuts off more than 3 feet of veins, arteries, and capillaries, 240 feet of nerves, and more than 20,000 nerve endings.31 The foreskin's muscles, glands, mucous membrane, and epithelial tissue are destroyed, as well.

Circumcision desensitizes: Circumcision desensitizes the penis radically. Foreskin amputation means severing the rich nerve network and all the nerve receptors in the foreskin itself. Circumcision almost always damages or destroys the frenulum. The loss of the protective foreskin desensitizes the glans. Because the membrane covering the permanently externalized glans is now subjected to constant abrasion and irritation, it keratinizes, becoming dry and tough. The nerve endings in the glans, which in the intact penis are just beneath the surface of the mucous membrane, are now buried by successive layers of keratinization. The denuded glans takes on a dull, grayish, sclerotic appearance.

Circumcision disables: The amputation of so much penile skin permanently immobilizes whatever skin remains, preventing it from gliding freely over the shaft and glans. This loss of mobility destroys the mechanism by which the glans is normally stimulated. When the circumcised penis becomes erect, the immobilized remaining skin is stretched, sometimes so tightly that not enough skin is left to cover the erect shaft. Hair-bearing skin from the groin and scrotum is often pulled onto the shaft, where hair is not normally found. The surgically externalized mucous membrane of the glans has no sebaceous glands. Without the protection and emollients of the foreskin, it dries out, making it susceptible to cracking and bleeding.

Circumcision disfigures: Circumcision alters the appearance of the penis drastically. It permanently externalizes the glans, normally an internal organ. Circumcision leaves a large circumferential surgical scar on the penile shaft. Because circumcision usually necessitates tearing the foreskin from the glans, pieces of the glans may be torn off, too, leaving it pitted and scarred. Shreds of foreskin may adhere to the raw glans, forming tags and bridges of dangling, displaced skin.32

Depending on the amount of skin cut off and how the scar forms, the circumcised penis may be permanently twisted, or curve or bow during erection.33 The contraction of the scar tissue may pull the shaft into the abdomen, in effect shortening the penis or burying it completely.34

Circumcision disrupts circulation: Circumcision interrupts the normal circulation of blood throughout the penile skin system and glans. The blood flowing into major penile arteries is obstructed by the line of scar tissue at the point of incision, creating backflow instead of feeding the branches and capillary networks beyond the scar. Deprived of blood, the meatus may contract and scarify, obstructing the flow of urine.35 This condition, known as meatal stenosis, often requires corrective surgery. Meatal stenosis is found almost exclusively among boys who have been circumcised.

from:  mothering.com

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recent Study Confirms Higher Rate Of Abnormalities With IVF




Is Ginseng Safe In Pregnancy?

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Bacteria May Sabotage IVF Success

Pregnancy Over 40, IVF Failure and Bacteria

After going through a number of failed IVF's, I found this article interesting.
 I do recall taking what they called a "prophylactic antibiotic" after my egg retrieval.  It was just a couple of doses, but this article may explain why it was given.  Apparently there's a high rate of bacteria present in women with failed IVF's. Read more:

From the article:

"Our findings were startling: we found 21 of the 31 FF samples contained one or more microorganisms. This in itself was contrary to accepted thought because it was believed the fluid surrounding the ovum was sterile," Dr Knox said.

This finding prompted a larger study by QUT PhD researcher Elise Pelzer, under a Wesley Research Institute scholarship, working with Dr Knox.

"We tested the FF of 148 women and found bacteria present in the fluid of 99 per cent of the women tested. Only the FF from one woman was sterile," Dr Knox said.

"By testing both vaginal swabs and FF we found that in some women bacteria present in the lower genital tract was transferred to the FF at the time of egg pick-up by the procedure TVOR (transvaginal oocyte, or ovum, retrieval).

"In this process ripened eggs are removed from the ovary by a needle through the vagina. In other women, we found the FF had been infected with unique bacteria not found in the lower genital tract.

"When we looked at pregnancy outcomes in the early study, we found that only 25 per cent of women with FF colonised with unique bacterial species achieved a successful pregnancy," she said.

"By contrast, bacteria introduced into the FF at the time of TVOR did not have the same effect and 50 per cent of these women achieved a successful pregnancy.

"Even though similar numbers of oocytes were collected at the time of TVOR from both groups of women, we also found that eggs from women with colonised FF had a lower rate of fertilisation to start with, which, of course, meant they produced fewer embryos for transfer to the womb."


Topical Steroids and Pregnancy Complications

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pregnancy and GI Upsets

Pregnancy Over 40 and Your GI System

Morning sickness is just the beginning.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 Many women have gastrointestinal problems throughout their pregnancy. Here is a good article on what you can do throughout the day to help relieve some digestive upsets. Read more:

Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently: This can help by preventing the system from getting overloaded. By eating more frequently, you are ensuring that you do get enough food during the day.

Walk After Meals: Walking is a natural laxative. The movement of the pelvis helps to allow material to move through the digestive system easier.

Eat a Variety of Fresh Fruits: Fresh and dried fruits can help to keep your system working smoothly.

Eat More Fiber: Fiber absorbs water as the food moves through your digestive system, which keeps things flowing at a good pace.

Avoid Offending Foods: If there is a food that makes you sick or uncomfortable every time you eat it, stop eating that food. There is such a large variety of foods available that you are s
ure to find an adequate substitute.

See Also: Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms (www.getpregnantover40.com

Eat Protein Before Bed: Although all foods are broken down into glucose for use by your body, it takes your body longer to digest a protein than a carbohydrate or fat. By having a protein snack before bed you may be able to prevent having an "empty" stomach in the morning which is associated with morning sickness.

Eat Crackers Before Getting Out of Bed: Again, the idea here is to prevent the "empty" stomach that appears to be a cause of morning sickness.

Do Pelvic Rocks: Pelvic rocking (on your hands and knees moving your pelvis, see the Coaches Notebook for further explanation)allows the uterus to hang which gives the digestive system (which is getting more cramped every day) a chance to stretch out and flex its muscles so to speak. Try doing 100-200 about an hour after dinner or at bedtime.

Drink Water: Remember that fiber that absorbs water to keep things flowing smoothly. It has to have water to grab so drink up!

Put a Low Stool Under Your Feet While You Use the Bathroom: The squatting position is the natural elimination position for the human body. It allows the most room for everything to come out. Your cramped digestive system can use all the space you can give it.

from:  nutrition.birthingnaturally.net

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mother's Childhood May Affect Offspring

Pregnancy Over 40, Your Mother

I found it fascinating that a mother's environment may not only affect their child when she's pregnant, but long before she's pregnant.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
Read more:

From the article:

A study reveals that the severity of learning disorders may depend not only on the child’s environment but also – remarkably – on the mother’s environment when she was young. The study in memory-deficient mice, published in the February 4 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, was led by Larry Feig, PhD, professor of biochemistry at Tufts University School of Medicine and member of the biochemistry and neuroscience programs at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University.

The researchers studied the brain function of pre-adolescent mice with a genetically-created defect in memory. When these young mice were enriched by exposure to a stimulating environment – including novel objects, opportunities for social interaction and voluntary exercise – for two weeks, the memory defect was reversed. The work showed that this enhancement was remarkably long-lasting because it was passed on to the offspring even though the offspring had the same genetic mutation and were never exposed to an enriched environment.

Previous research has shown that environmental exposures during pregnancy can affect offspring. “A striking feature of this study is that enrichment took place during pre-adolescence, months before the mice were even fertile, yet the effect reached into the next generation,” said Feig.

“The offsprings’ improved memory was not the result of better nurturing by mothers who were enriched when they were young. When the offspring were raised by non-enriched foster mothers, the offspring maintained the beneficial effect,” said co-author Junko Arai, PhD, postdoctoral associate in Feig’s laboratory.

“The effect lasted until adolescence, when it waned, suggesting that this process is designed specifically to aid the young brain,” continued Shaomin Li, PhD, MD, co-author, former postdoctoral associate in Feig’s laboratory, now at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“This example of ‘inheritance of acquired characters,’ was first proposed by Lamarck in the early 1800s. However, it is incompatible with classical Mendelian genetics, which states that we inherit qualities from our parents through specific DNA sequences they inherited from their parents. We now refer to this type of inheritance as epigenetics, which involves environmentally-induced changes in the structure of DNA and the chromosomes in which DNA resides that are passed on to offspring,” said Feig.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers Get Too Much Advice

Pregnancy Over 40 and Fathers

Some of the best advice I received while pregnant was "Don't listen to anyone's advice".
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
Amen! I might also add that when I did listen to other people's advice on pregnancy, caring for babies, etc. it didn't work. Every child is different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

Here is a hilarious article about that very subject and what makes it even more unique is that it's written from the male point of view. Read more:

News we've opted for a home birth is often met with stares of horrified wonder.
It's so uncivilized, so dreadlocks and no deodorant, their reactions say. The fact we find hospitals somewhat cold and intimidating is ignored. Surely, they hint, Euphemia would feel better if she was attached to a machine that goes "ping!"
My personal favourite so far was the reminder to make sure we clean up after the birth.
Thanks. After so many years living in filth and squalor, we just figured we'd let the whole hygiene thing slide.

from:  CanWest News Service

Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Over 40, Pregnancy Tests - Yes, You May Buy Them At The Dollar Store!

Here is a guest post on buying dollar store pregnancy tests.  They may be more accurate than you think!
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com 

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests!

By Linda Galloway M.D.
I love my local dollar stores. It's one of my favorite places to shop when I want to reward my sons inexpensively and have fun in the process. My husband often calls me the "queen of the deals" because saving money always gives me an adrenaline rush. So imagine the rush I felt when I discovered that dollar stores now sell pregnancy tests and are giving name-brand competitors a run for their money.
According to the August issue of Ob.Gyn. News (Volume 44, Issue 10, page 10), Dr. Sunaina Sehwani and associates at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, PA. tested twenty-seven dollar-store pregnancy tests and compared the results with the early-response name brands that are commonly used in physician and clinic offices. The article states that the dollar store brand was 100% accurate.

See Also: HcG Levels (www.getpregnantover40.com) 

Can you imagine? These pregnancy tests were also evaluated to determine if they could be easily interpreted and passed with flying colors. Who makes these kits, you ask? They're marketed under the names of New Choice, U-Check, and MD Quality all made by a company in Frederick, MD, called SCI International Inc.
Score two points for healthcare reform. When I traveled to Mexico a few years ago, I was amazed that I could purchase a tube of Retin-A for $10.00 (U.S.) and pay close to $100.00 back here in the States. A colleague paid $20.00 for an IUD in Egypt while the U.S. average cost is approximately $300.00. Kudos to SCI International Inc. for having corporate integrity. Essential personal items such as disposable diapers, infant formula, feminine hygiene products, medications (including birth control methods) and pregnancy tests should not bankrupt our bank accounts. Competitive pricing with a reputable product is a win-win experience for everyone. So, the next time you miss a period, save your money and hit the friendly dollar store and if you see me shopping, don't forget to wave or say hello.
Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway
Author, Physician, Public Speaker, Medical Malpractice Reviewer. New blog post Every Monday & Wednesday and look out for "bonus post" on Special Topics!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Linda_Galloway_M.D.


Pregnancy Due Date Confusion



Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning Sickness - The Thyroid Connection

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Premature Babies - Can Problems Be Predicted?

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Having Children: No Hidden Agendas

Pregnancy Over 40, Older Parents Let Their Kids Live Their Life

I always thought that since I was an "older mom" that I was "above" all the competitive parents out there who feed their own egos with the accoplishments of their kids.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 Okay, for the most part, I am...well, I try to be. It is awfully hard to not want your kid to be the best at whatever they try to do.

So what brought all this up? Well, I enrolled my daughter in swim lessons. I always thought she was going to be a "fish"...she's a real dare devil in almost everything she does....uh...except swimming. Turns out, she doesn't really like the water...she doesn't like to get her face wet, and I'm beginning to think she must have drowned in a previous life...she's petrified of the deep water.

Truth is, I was a bit embarrassed, she's taken the same class over again and she's very slow to progress. I feel like I must apologize for her lack of interest and refusal to do some new skills. I'm surprised at how upset I am. I see some of these very little kids just swim away, and she's still not doing much...I feel like a bad mom.

See Also: 49 and Pregnant (www.getpregnantover40.com)

Okay, step out of the mom mode for a minute...what's the objective here? To teach her how to swim or to be the proud mom? It's so easy to get carried away with the "My kid's better than your kid therefore I'm a better mom" mentality. All I really want is for her to be able to be safe in and around the water...NOT to be an olympic swimmer. Yes, she has made progress from when she started, and that's what's important...Heck, I didn't even take swim lessons until I was well into elementary school and I'm a great swimmer if I do say so myself.

Bottom line? Respect your kids for who they are...warts and all. Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Swimming isn't her thing...but she has other wonderful assets. So maybe it's going to take a little longer to learn to swim. So what? Maybe we'll take the 2nd level class yet a third time and more after that. I have to remember how lucky I am to even be a mom - in the big scheme of thing, this is just not that big of a deal.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Over 40 and Yoga

Here is an article in it's entirety on the benefits of prenatal yoga. I also have a segment on yoga for fertility in my DVD, Fertility Bodywork (www.getpregnantover40.com.)

Prenatal Yoga - A Beautiful Gift For You And Your Baby

By Noelle Bruin

For most mothers, pregnancy is a time for celebration. It is a gift of life and truly a life-changing event. It doesn't really matter if it's your first or fifth pregnancy the joy of carrying your child inside you is just indescribable. For this reason, as a future mom, you would do anything and everything to keep yourself and your unborn baby healthy. Prenatal yoga is one of the best ways to relax and stay fit. It is one of few exercises you can perform while you are pregnant and it can certainly make it easier for you not just during your pregnancy, but also on your delivery.
3 Major Prenatal Yoga Benefits
This is a diverse approach exercise for pregnant women that encourage stretching, mental concentration and focused breathing. Discover how these factors can benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally as well.
1. Physical Benefits

  • Have a restful sleep
  • Eases low back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath
  • Increase your muscles strength, flexibility and endurance needed for child delivery
  • Prevent the danger of premature labor and hypertension during pregnancy

2. Mental Benefits

  • You'll be able to deal with stress and anxiety much better
  • Promotes positive thoughts and emotional stability
  • Allows mental calmness

3. Emotional Benefits

  • Prenatal yoga makes it easier for you to manage mood swing
  • Increase your sense of self awareness
  • A greater sense of well-being as well as self-awareness enables you to connect with your inner self.
  • Concentrating on your baby while meditating should bring you closer to your child and encourages you to bond with your little one.

Best Prenatal Yoga Exercises And Poses
Check out these great yoga exercises and poses meant for pregnant women like you.
1st Trimester Yoga
Though yoga entails gradual movements, there are a few poses which can be very intense for a pregnant woman to apply, particularly a person new to yoga. You will need to consider the modified versions of the poses suitable for the first trimester and to take it easy. Pregnant women who are prone to miscarriage can do inversions poses.
2nd Trimester Yoga
As you grow bigger, movements become a little more limited. The pigeon, triangle and cat-cow are ideal poses you can perform at this stage. These are very helpful in opening your hips, stretching your inner thighs and relaxing your back.
3rd Trimester Yoga
On this final trimester, it is important to perform poses and movements that will prepare you for child delivery. A few great poses you can do at this stage are the bound angle and the pelvic tilt. These poses will certainly help you to open your hips and strengthen your back and buttocks as well.
Prenatal Yoga Safety Tips
Keep these safety tips in mind in order to protect your health and your baby's health during prenatal yoga:

  • Consult your doctor before you begin this yoga program especially if you have certain medical conditions.
  • Drink lots of water or fluids during your sessions to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid certain poses. Be sure to ask your yoga instructor if you are not sure

So you see prenatal yoga is simply a case of knowing which exercises are the best ones to do and being aware of your limits.
Prenatal yoga exercises can be extremely helpful for you and your precious baby most especially if you know what you're doing and how to avoid injury. Click here to Get your FREE Ebook and learn the 7 secrets of the benefits of Yoga.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Noelle_Bruin


How Pregnancy & Motherhood Makes You Smarter

Pregnancy Over 40, Motherhood Over 40, Women Smarter?

I was just telling someone the other day that I seem to have better eye-hand coordination now that I'm older vs. when I was younger.
 My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 For example, I seem to have an easier time playing the piano now. Somehow I'm better able to see the notes on the music and translate them quicker to the keyboard. Who knows why...maybe I'm just older and and more focused...or maybe there's another reason. According to the article below, pregancy and motherhood can sharpen your brain. Read more:

How does motherhood make women smarter?
Because smart is such a vague term, I broke the brain-boosting benefits of motherhood down into five attributes in the book: perception, efficiency, resiliency, motivation, and emotional intelligence. Each category is supported by many animal studies as well as some human studies showing ways in which mothers have an edge.


Breastfeeding: Harder After An Epidural?

Pregnancy Over 40 and Nursing

Ok, I'll admit it right up front - I had an epidural.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 I thought I was one of those tough superwomen with a high pain threshold....wrong. Once those high intensity contractions started - I couldn't find that anesthesiologist fast enough (and I had to wait an hour since he was in surgery). I truly admire women who can go through a "medication-free" childbirth.

I did have a hard time with breastfeeding, but most of my problem was that my nipples were cracked and sometimes bleeding. I pumped for three months until my milk dried out. I don't think my problems had anything to do with an epidural, but it never hurts to do your own research so you can decide for yourself whether or not an epidural is right for you.ut, all that aside, I found this interesting article about how epidurals may hinder breastfeeding.

 Read More:

"Specifically, researchers found, women who received an epidural with the narcotic fentanyl seemed to have more problems with breastfeeding than women who went without an epidural.

They reported more difficulty with breastfeeding in the first week of their babies’ lives, and they were twice as likely to have given up breastfeeding by the time the baby was 6 months old."

from: Getting an epidural may hinder breastfeeding

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hearbeat Establishes Blood Supply In Embryo

Pregnancy Over 40, Baby's Heartbeat

Seeing that heartbeat in an embryo is such a thrill. It really sinks in that you have a real life inside of you.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 This article talks about the importance of the first heartbeats for a developing fetus:

from the article:

As the heart starts pumping a primitive blood-like fluid around the body of an embryo, the change in pressure from the flowing liquid is the cue for cells lining the aorta to change first into blood stem cells, then into all blood-cell types in the body. As they multiply and mature, these rapidly replace the initial embryonic "blood", which is composed of embryonic red blood cells in a nutrient-rich serum.


Pregnancy And The Importance Of Vitamin D

Pregnancy Over 40, Vitamin D

Everytime I turn around, I'm reading about the importance of vitamin D.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 Here is an article about how vitamin D is needed in pregnancy for the health of your baby:

From the article:

Department of Health is encouraging pregnant and breastfeeding women to boost their intake of vitamin D in the darker winter months. Healthcare professionals say more children than ever are presenting with vitamin D deficiency which can cause seizures and rickets.

Whilst vitamin D deficiency is common among the white population, many cases of rickets in the UK are seen in Asian, Afro-Caribbean and Middle Eastern children, with some research suggesting incidence of the disease could be as high as 1 in 100 children in ethnic minority groups. Dark-skinned people do not absorb as much sunlight through the skin and may also wear clothing that limits exposure to the sun for cultural reasons.

Sunshine Vitamin D Essential For Pregnant Women

Daddy Can Bond With Baby Too!

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Periods While Pregnant


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Friday, June 07, 2013

Could Diapers Cause Infertility In Boys?

Pregnancy Over 40, Fertility Problems With The Use Of Diapers?

I'll admit I enjoyed the convenience of disposable diapers.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 I frequently wondered whether or not I should have used cloth diapers for environmental reasons. But, according to the article below, there may be even more reasons to consider cloth diapers. Read More:

"Here’s the news -- disposable, plastic-lined diapers keep testicles hotter than core body temperature (and as much as 1.8 degrees F higher than testicles in cloth diapers)! 

See Also: Detoxify Your Environment (www.getpregnantover40.com) 

The October 2000 issue of Archives of Disease in Childhood speculates that perhaps the significant rise in male infertility over the last 25 years is due to the widespread use of diapers that keep kids too warm." 

 from:  drgreene.org

Morning Sickness May Lead to High IQ

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More Benefits of Over 40 Motherhood

Pregnancy Over 40 Advantages

I keep finding good articles on pregnancy and parenting over the age of 40.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
Here is one I just came across with the advantages of being an over 40 mom.  I will say all of these benefits apply to me. I've already done everything I've wanted to do in my life so I certainly won't be imposing my own selfish motives on my daughter. It's her life, she's entitled to fufill her own hopes and dreams.

"-Overcoming infertility
-Financial stability
-Unselfish attitude
-Appreciation for life in general
-Well established career
-Strong sense of fulfillment"

See Also: Pregnancy Over 40 (www.getpregnantover40.com)

From:   Over 40 on the Playground

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Premature Births - Can They Be Prevented?

Pregnancy Over 40 - Premature Births

I was always afraid I was going to deliver my daughter prematurely.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 As it turns out I carried her to term without complications. However, there may be things women can do to reduce the risk of delivering prematurely. Read more:

From the article:

In a study to be published in this month's edition of the journal Pediatrics, researchers from the CDC say that approximately 33 percent of infant deaths can be attributed to premature births. This number is much higher than all previous estimates.

Why the higher number? The authors of this most recent study indicate that at least a dozen causes of newborn death that are not typically classified as deaths due to premature birth are actually due to underdeveloped organs associated with premature status. A prime example of such a scenario is respiratory distress that is caused by underdeveloped lungs in premature babies.

Lead author, Dr. Bill Callaghan, says: "This brings preterm birth, as a cause of death, to the kind of level that we think it deserves."

It is hoped that this updated statistic will encourage more pregnant women to take good care of their bodies during pregnancy in order to minimize the chance of sub-optimal dietary and lifestyle choices contributing to premature births. 

 The Latest Research On Premature Births (www.drbenkim.com)

Stay At Home With Your Baby/Child To Develop Their Brain

Pregnancy Over 40, Motherhood Over 40

I have always been an advocate of staying home with your baby/child.  A  baby's brain is developed by constant stumulation which mothers may do best.
 (My site: www.getpregnantover40.com)
 Here is an excellent article that supports my view:

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Hardly rocket science, true. But the paper's findings are backed by good, solid neuroscience, and, if taken on board by Those In Power rather than tucked away to gather dust in the name of tax savings, could have a significant long-term impact (including, it must be pointed out, significant future tax savings) for all of us. Because the thrust of the paper, put together by, among others, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, the Chair of the National Council for the Developing Child and a Nobel-prizewinning economist, is that a child's education begins in the cradle, not at statutory school age, and that a child who has had the advantage of much affectionate play with well-disposed adults (and this doesn't necessarily only include parents) will already have the educational edge over less-loved peers in terms of being able to learn and assimilate information by the time they begin formal schooling, and that that edge will last them throughout their lifetimes. And a generation that has been afforded these advantages will cost themselves far less in terms of wasted education dollars, spells of unemployment and so forth, in perpetuity.

The basic scientific thrust is this: a baby's brain is, basically, a bundle of fully-developed neurons. The problem is that the pathways that connect these neurons have yet to be established. Pretty much all your responses to any given stimulus are the product of the way your neurons have been set up to fire messages off to each other, and these pathways, once established, are almost impossible to re-route, no matter how much cognitive therapy you get as an adult.

The only way to set up these neural pathways, or synapses, is by stimulation, and the more, and more varied the stimulation, the more and more varied the synaptic routes will be. A vast number of these complex networks are set up in the first years of life. The average three-year-old, in fact, has three times as many synapses as an adult. These pathways can work in a zillion directions, but if they've not been set up in the first place, then your thoughts, effectively, will be blocked-off from the short-cuts; and will have to take the long route round - for the rest of your life. The more neuronal pathways established in your brain, the more flexible your thinking will be and the more easily you will be able to see the connections between things. And thus, the more easily skills and information can be assimilated as your life progresses. Forget the self-help business books: if ever there was a short-cut to success, it's this.

Ah, but here's the rub. By the second decade of life, we begin to erase synapses our brains have found to be of little use. The more a synapse has been stimulated in early life, the stronger it is and the less likely it is to be erased. So a child who's constantly read to, or talked with, or engaged with in imaginative play, by an adult who does so in an encouraging, enjoyable manner, is going to have far stronger, less erasable, synaptic pathways, than someone who's been slumped in front of the television absorbing everything in the same, passive manner throughout this crucial developmental stage."

by Serena Mackesy

Morning Sickness Remedies

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Pregnancy: Unprepared?

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Exercise in Pregnancy Can Have A Positive Impact On Baby

Pregnancy Over 40 and Exercise

After reading the article like the one below, I wish I hadn't been so scared to exercise a little while I was pregnant.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 Apparently there are benefits for mother and baby.
 Read more:

From the article:

The investigators looked at the results from pregnant women between 20 and 35 years of age. The mothers were classified as exercisers if they performed moderate intensity aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes three times per week (moderate to vigorous walking, stationary bicycling and running). Mothers in the control category did not partake of a regular exercise routine. The MCG was measured between 24-36 weeks gestational age.

Between 36-38 weeks gestational age, breathing movements were identified using specific criterion. Measures of fetal heart rate and autonomic control were analyzed during episodes of fetal breathing and non-breathing movements. Although there was no difference in the number of breathing episodes, differences were noted between the groups.


The researchers found:

Fetal HR was significantly lower in the exercise group during both breathing and non-breathing movement periods.
Fetal short-term and overall heart rate variability were higher in the exercise group during breathing movements.
Three independent measures of vagal control were higher in the exercise-exposed fetuses during breathing movements.
During periods of fetal non-breathing, there were no significant differences in measures of vagal control between groups. There were no group or breathing period differences in sympathetic heart rate control. 

 s (www.sciencedaily.com)

Dealing With Pregnancy Acne

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Pregnancy Heartburn

Pregnancy Over 40 and Heartburn

I never understood why they called it heartburn...until one night in my eighth month of pregnancy.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 I really felt like my heart was on fire. I only had heartburn once, but that was enough. The physiological changes in pregnancy can lead to this condition which comes and goes. Here is a site which explains why pregnant women get heartburn and what you can do. Read more:

-Avoid food and drink triggers such as acidic foods, carbonated beverages, spicy, fatty foods or anything that causes you indigestion.

-Instead of eating big meals, eat several smaller meals throughout the day.

-Give yourself 2-3 hours to digest your food before bedtime.

-Try sleeping on your side or at an incline if you’re having trouble sleeping.

-Carry antacids with you, everywhere! 


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Preconception Health Critical to Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

SEE: PREGNANCY-FERTILITY DETOX (getpregnantover40.com)

What Your Partner Can Do In Labor

Pregnancy Over 40 Labor

Our prenatal classes probably were more helpful to my husband than they were for me.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
 I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but once I started experiencing real labor pains, everything I learned in my prenatal classes went out the window! But it was nice that my husband remembered everything he could do to help. The L and D nurses really put him to work too. Here's an article that explains what your partner can do:

From the article:

Be on the lookout for signs of transition.
Ever seen those sitcom ladies have their babies? That's transition. The good news is that in real life, transition lasts a short time - half an hour or so. It comes right before the pushing phase, when your partner's hormones are preparing for birth. The result is some pretty intense physical symptoms: hot flashes, nausea, burping, chills, shaking or one contraction on top of another. Emotionally, she may seem confused, or she may just give up. One friend of mine stood up and announced that she was done and she was going home. A client of mine pulled her midwife's hair. The best thing you can do for your partner is tell her that you think she's in transition, and the end is in sight. Just keep your hair out of her grasp.

Listen to her.
Is she afraid of something? Is something distracting her? Adrenaline can slow contractions or cause them to become more painful.

from pregnancytoday.com

Prenatal Stress May Affect Baby's IQ

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High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy and Future Heart Disease

Pregnancy Over 40 and High Blood Pressure

Did you know that high blood pressure in pregnancy might be an indicator of future coronary artery disease?
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
I know my husband's mother had toxemia with her pregnancies and she was subsequently on high blood pressure medication the rest of her life. Here is an article about the association between heart disease and high blood pressure in pregnancy:

From the article:

Of the women surveyed, 30.7 percent said they had had high blood pressure during pregnancy. Those who had high blood pressure were more likely to be overweight and older. 

The researchers found that the women who had a history of high blood pressure during their pregnancies had a 57 percent greater risk of having increased calcification of their coronary arteries after menopause when compared to women who did not have high blood pressure during pregnancy. The researchers found that the risk of post-menopausal coronary calcification and thus future heart problems extended to women who simply had high blood pressure during their pregnancies — not just to those who had the most serious form called pre-eclampsia.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Pregnant? Eat Your Apples!




Pregnant Women and Their Placentas Contain Homone Disrupting Chemicals


Women over 40 and 50 Tell Their Pregnancy and Motherhood Stories


See: Pregnancy Over 40 (www.getpregnantover40.com)


Drinking Even A Little In Pregnancy Contributes To Offspring's Dependency

Pregnancy Over 40, Avoid Alcohol 

Most of us have heard that drinking in pregnancy should be avoided even in small amounts.
My site: www.getpregnantover40.com
Now there's another reason to avoid even drinking just a little alcohol. It could contribute to your offspring's alcohol dependency. Read more:

From the article:

Exposure to maternal drinking during early childhood has been associated with difficulties in thinking, learning and memory, as well as mental and behavioral problems. However, few studies have examined the link between drinking during pregnancy and a child's later risk for alcohol dependence and other disorders, according to background information in the article. Animal studies have provided extensive evidence of a link between exposure to alcohol before birth and early acceptance of alcohol. "Similar results replicated in human studies would carry considerable implications for public health intervention," the authors write. "First, such studies would suggest that even small quantities of alcohol exposure, if consumed in a single session, may cause in utero neurodevelopmental changes that in turn may lead to the early onset of alcohol disorder in youth. Second, they would provide support for the role of a biological origin of alcohol disorders."

Rosa Alati, Ph.D., from The University of Queensland, Herston, Australia, and colleagues explored whether maternal exposure to alcohol during pregnancy increased a child's risk of developing alcohol disorders in 2,138 participants who were followed from birth to age 21. A group of 7,223 mothers was originally interviewed at their first prenatal physician visit, between 1981 and 1984 in Brisbane, Australia. The mothers and children were assessed at birth and again 6 months and 5, 14, and 21 years later. Before pregnancy, in early (first 18 weeks) and late (last three months) pregnancy, and when their children were age 5 and 14, the mothers were asked how often they drank alcohol and the number of drinks consumed on any one occasion. Children were evaluated for alcohol disorders at age 21.

Of the 2,555 children who completed an assessment at 21 years, 640 (25 percent) met criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol disorder; 333 (13 percent) of those reported developing the disorder before age 18 and 307 (12 percent) between age 18 and 21. In the final analysis, which included 2,138 individuals, those whose mothers drank more than three glasses of alcohol on any one occasion during early pregnancy were 2.47 times as likely to develop an early-onset (before age 18) alcohol disorder and 2.04 times as likely to develop a late-onset (between ages 18 and 21) alcohol disorder. Drinking during other stages of pregnancy, including late pregnancy, also increased risk. These associations remained strong after the researchers considered other biological and environmental factors that may contribute to the risk of developing alcohol disorders.

Drinking during pregnancy linked to offspring's risk of alcohol disorders in early adulthood (www.erekalert.org)

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Massage In Pregnancy

Pregnancy Over 40, Massage Can Help

I recall being a little stiff when I was pregnant.
 Part of it was because I was afraid to move around too much. this article talks about some of the possible benefits of massage in pregnancy:

From the article:

Pregnancy Massage: Possible Benefits
There have only been a handful of small studies that focus on massage in pregnancy. And so no definite benefits have been established. But one study at the University of Miami School of Medicine suggests that massage therapy during pregnancy might have multiple positive effects, including:

See Also:  Self Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology to Help You Get Pregnant (www.getpregnantover40.com)

Lowered anxiety
Decreased back and leg pain
Improved sleep
Decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
In another study of pregnancy massage in depressed women, researchers found:

increased levels of the "feel-good" hormones serotonin and dopamine
decreased levels of cortisol, an indicator of stress
an overall improvement in mood
Research has shown that, for the general population, massage has other potential benefits. For instance, it may relieve pain, or it may boost the immune system to fight off viruses and tumors.

Pregnancy Massage: Safe Techniques
There are more than 80 types of massage taught in roughly 1,300 massage therapy programs in the U.S. Examples of common types of massage include:

Deep-tissue massage, with firm strokes pressing deep into muscles
Swedish massage, with long strokes to muscles and attention to joint mobility
Shiatsu, with pressure and tapping on acupressure points to stimulate the body's natural energy (called qi)
From a scientific standpoint, the mechanisms that make massage therapy work are still largely unknown. More research is needed to understand how applying different types of manual pressure to the body can:

Relieve pain
Stimulate the release of certain hormones like serotonin
Improve sleep
Promote the physiological response of relaxation 

Pregnancy and Massage (www.webmed.com)

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