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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Mothers: Could Hearing Test in Newborns Predict SIDS?

Is There Any Correlation Between The Results Of Newborn Hearing Test and The Likelihood Of SIDS?

I never would have thought that a newborn hearing test would somehow correlate to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
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Here is an interesting article about how the results of hearing tests in the right ear could signify a problem.  Read more:

Newborn Hearing Test Might Point to SIDS Risk

From the article:

. Daniel D. Rubens and colleagues at the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, in Seattle, analyzed data on 31 Rhode Island babies who died of SIDS.

They found that they all shared the same distinctive difference in newborn hearing test results for the right inner ear.

Compared with other babies, those who died of SIDS scored four points lower in standard newborn hearing tests, across three different sound frequencies in the right ear.

Rubens also noted that healthy infants typically test stronger in the right ear than in the left. However, the infants who died of SIDS had lower scores for the right ear than the left.

The study was published in the July issue of the journal Early Human Development

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