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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Early Onset Puberty Linked To Pregnancy High Fat Diet

Pregnancy Over 40, Prenatal Diet Critical

It seems like the research is showing that what happens in utero is more important than we previously thought.
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Your prenatal diet is obviously important, but in more ways than you may think. This article talks about how a high fat diet in pregnancy can lead to early onset puberty. Read more:

Age at puberty linked to mother's prenatal diet (

From the article:

A high-fat diet during pregnancy and nursing may lead to the child having an early onset of puberty and subsequent adulthood obesity, according to a new animal study. The results were presented Monday, June 16, at The Endocrine Society's 90th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. An early first menstrual period, often used as a marker for early-onset puberty in girls is a risk factor for obesity, insulin resistance, teenage depression, and breast cancer in adulthood, said Deborah Sloboda, PhD, lead author of the study. She is a researcher at The Liggins Institute of the University of Auckland in New Zealand.
"Other research suggests that a combination of prenatal and postnatal influences in girls can affect the onset of menarche [menstruation]," Sloboda said.

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