Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, September 26, 2011

Excema In Babies and Children

One problem I never thought I would have is caring for my daughter's skin. She's had very sensitive skin since I brought her home from the hospital. As a matter of fact, she had already developed a spot on her bottom that was actually broken open. Fortunately, I found some zinc diaper cream and it healed right up, but now she has some patches of excema on her arms and legs. I've read a number of reasons why kids might develop this problem. We live in a very dry climate which can contribute to excema. Also, I noticed anytime I take her swimming, the chlorinated pool seems to make the problem worse. Even bathing her in a tub of warm water seems to irritate her skin.

Here is an article about how food allergies may contribute to excema and how probiotics can help:

Probiotics for Baby Eczema?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Babies May Need To "Cry It Out"...Sometimes

Although my daughter was an easy baby overall, she did go through a phase where she didn't want to go to bed and finally, because of my own need for sleep, I had to put her to bed and let her cry it out. I had heard of a system where you first let them cry for 10 min. then go in and check on them, then you increase it to 15 min. go in and check, then 20 min. and so on. I found that my daughter would finally go to sleep usually after the 15 min. check. Then about a week later, she would go to sleep right away. It was very hard to hear her cry, but eventually we both got some sleep! Read more:

What Does It Mean To Let Your Baby Cry It Out? (babyslumber.com)

From the article:

"What is ‘crying it out’?
This is a process recommended not only by some pediatricians and family doctors, but also by grandmothers the world over. “It worked in our day, it’ll work for you too,” they’ll cluck. Basically, it means to let your baby cry until she falls asleep. Sounds simple enough, but instinctively, no parent likes to hear their child cry, and especially when it becomes inconsolable, or reaches the point of actually vomiting.

Why do it?
Some parents are lucky enough to have The Dream Baby, the child who sleeps through the night from about three weeks of age. Others are frantic on a nightly basis, constantly up and tending to their excessively demanding little one who seems to need nothing but her parents’ constant attention. Diaper checked; hunger ruled out; thirst quenched; diaper checked again. The night-time routine wears everyone out … including the baby. Crying it out is often considered a last resort, but often, parents will wish they’d done it a whole lot sooner!

How to do it
Discuss the process with your medical professional for greater reassurance, but in essence, it’s a matter of putting baby to bed with all the usual cuddles and kisses, turn down the lights and tuck her in. Chances are, she’ll be up and crying in minutes. Let … her … cry. It’s agonizing and heartbreaking hearing your child cry, yes, but if you persist and avoid going in to attend to her, eventually she will get the message that this is sleep time and that no more (unnecessary) attention will be forthcoming. You may have to endure this agony for hours on end the first night, and may have to repeat it for a second, third and even fourth night.

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