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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Natural Remedies For common Pregnancy Complaints

One thing that got me through my first three months of pregnancy was peppermint candy and eggnog. No those are not healthy things, but when you're bedridden with morning sickness, you'll try anything that doesn't involve medication. Here is an article about other natural treatments for common pregnancy complaints:

Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks and Other Pregnancy Aches

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dadchelor Parties All The Rage For First Time Dads

MSNBC reported about a new trend for first time dads called "dadchelor parties" catchy name! It's sort of the last time ad guy can go out with his friends and "sew his wild oats" before helping with all of the responsibilities that go with fatherhood. Read more:

From the article:

The parties are also a “last hurrah” for expectant first-time dads who know their lives are about to change. In that way, said Iman Jalali, 28, they’re similar to a bachelor party. But Jalali, who’s been to two forefather parties in Chicago, thinks these celebrations are more significant than the pre-wedding variety.

“In most cases, when you’re getting married, you’re engaged, you’re living together, and your (wife-to-be) is such a part of your life that, after the wedding, your life doesn’t change that much,” he said. But having your first child? That’s life-altering, added Jalali, who is single – but remarkably astute about marriage and family.

Jalali and his friends usually opt for a shave and a haircut at an old-fashioned barbershop – “a very manly thing to do” – a brewery tour, and a nice, sit-down dinner before hitting the bars. “It’s bachelor party, 2.0,” he said.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Prenatal Music

I recall an image I saw on TV before I was pregnant. I saw a woman with a pair of headphones on her pregnant belly. She was playing classical music for her baby. I'm not sure about the headphones on the belly, but here is a site that explains more about prenatal music:

Center For Prenatal Music

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