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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Pregnancy Safe After Breast Cancer?

Many women may be diagnosed with breast cancer during their childbearing years. One question most of these women have is whether or not pregnancy is safe after breast cancer. Here is an article that addresses that question:

Is Pregnancy Risky for You? (

From the article:

For women with a personal history of breast cancer, studies have shown that:

There was no apparent long-term increased risk of cancer recurrence or death in women who became pregnant after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Pregnancy did not appear to cause new cancers to develop.

Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy did as well in the long term as women with the same type and stage of cancer who were not pregnant when they were diagnosed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pregnancy and Keeping Fathers Involved

Let's face it, pregnancy is all about the woman. The baby grows inside of her, she experiences all the symptoms, and basically has total control over every aspect of the baby's life before birth. So where does the dad fit into all of this? The following article has some good suggestions on how to keep dad involved during pregnancy:

Fathers and Pregnancy (

From the video:

Fathers and Shopping for Baby Gear
When it is time to shop for baby gear, bring him along. My husband likes to check out the baby monitors and other gadgets.

Give dad the job of assembling the baby's crib or do it together. Make sure he feels included in as much of the planning as he desires. Setting up the nursery or figuring out how to install the car seat are important tasks that he might even enjoy.
Prenatal Exercise and Fathers
Exercise during pregnancy is something you can do together. A hike in the woods can provide a special moment to talk and dream about the future.
Share Pregnancy Changes With Fathers
Do not hide your growing body from him. No, you are not the same women you were weeks before, but most men admire the changes, even if you are not feeling very attractive.

If you are sore, ask daddy for a massage. Most guys want to help and know you are carrying the brunt of the responsibility during this stage. He will be happy to help you relax.
Fathers and Baby Names
Choosing a name for the baby is something the two of you can do together as well. Try sharing lists of favorite first names and middle names and look for combinations that you both like.

The best environment for any baby is one with involved, loving parents. Keeping the father engaged throughout the process will not only help you, but the baby, too.

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