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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

49 and Pregnant Again Part II

Pregnancy Over 40

It's official: I miscarried. I'm sad but not devastated like I have been in the past. I started to bleed somewhat heavily on Monday and never went to the doctor - just to a nurse to get a Rhogam shot (Rh negative blood).
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 My body seems perfectly capable of dealing with this without medical intervention. The funny thing is the nurse kept stressing that if I didn't want to get pregnant, I should seriously consider going on birth control. She lectured me like I was a teenager ..."If you still have periods, you can still get pregnant". Who would have ever thought anyone would say that to me - especially at my age? How ironic! I felt like telling her she was preaching to the choir, but I just nodded my head and tried to sound sincere when I said "we'll be more careful next time". I'm telling you, my 40's have been my most fertile decade so far. For those of you trying to conceive, hopefully this is a lesson in reproductive physiology - IF YOU STILL HAVE PERIODS, YOU CAN STILL GET PREGNANT!

I'm thankful that this had a quick resolution. Although I've probably been pregnant for awhile, I only found out on Friday and miscarried on Monday. I've had pregnancies in the past where I knew I miscarried, but since my hCG levels declined so slowly, it took a month and a half to finally expel. That can be quite torturous (i.e. knowing you miscarried but still feeling pregnant.)

Anyway, I find comfort in the fact that my body still knows what to do and even though I just turned 49, it got half way there. Why did I miscarry? Was it my age? Was it my hormones? Who knows. It's not important now. Since I wasn't trying to conceive, I can't say I currently do everything I did when I conceived my daughter in terms of my pregnancy protocol (although I do still lead a very healthy lifestyle.) It just goes to show you - age is just a number. Fertility is determined by many things, not just how old you are.

And to my child that could have been: maybe we'll meet again someday.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Pregnancy At 49

Whoa! You'll never guess what...even after writing a book on getting pregnant over 40 naturally and writing/researching my blogs on fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage, I was completely and totally taken by surprise when I had a positive pregnancy test last Friday.

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 Unfortunately, I don't think this pregnancy will make it because I had a light "period" two weeks ago which makes me think I may have miscarried (the pregnancy hormone (hCG) stays in your system for a while after a miscarriage which could be why I had a positive pregnancy test).

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Philadelphia Area Women Needed For Interview

I received this request from a writer for Philadelphia Style magazine. If anyone is interested, the contact information is listed below:

I'm a writer for Philadelphia Style magazine, and I'm
working on an article about fertility and how women of
different ages are affected. I'm looking to interview
a woman from the greater Philadelphia area in her late
30s or 40s who had a relatively easy time conceiving
(it could even be a surprise baby), either on her own
or through natural methods. I will be asking about how
she reacted to the pregnancy, if there were any
challenges with age, and if she plans to have more
children. If someone is interested, please contact me

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