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Monday, October 24, 2016


How To Deal With Pelvic and Pubic Bone Pain

I remember have pelvic bone pain toward the end of my pregnancy, especially when walking up stairs. Pubic bone pain occurs because your body is carrying more weight and the pelvic joints get looser so they can move in relation to one another.
This pain can start during pregnancy even in the first trimester but frequently occurs later in pregnancy.   It can be worse when laying down on your back or getting up after sitting for a long time.  It can also hurt when you try to move your legs apart.  This condition can cause pain that shoots down your leg or it can be felt in the hips, back, and buttocks.  It can alternate sides or be felt on both sides.


So What Can You Do For Pelvic/Pubic Bone Pain In Pregnancy?

  • First, there are support belts that can be worn safely.  You may need to consult your doctor or physical therapist.  
  • When you are walking, you may need to arch your back slightly
  • When sitting, try sitting on a fitball (large exercise ball)
  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Avoid heavy pushing
  • Sleep on a softer surface

Friday, October 21, 2016


I often say that my daughter chose me.  I had to wait six long years and I had to suffer through infertility and miscarriage, but it was certainly worth the wait.  So how does all of this work?  Well, no one knows for sure, but there are experts in the subject like Edgar Cayce, read more:


Edgar Cayce: “…..As difficult as it may be for us to believe, each soul actually chooses its parents – with one exception. If a soul has abused its gift of free will, then it comes under the strong influence of the Universal Law and is carried along on the force of its past actions into present relationships that it simply must face up to. Of course, no soul is given more than it can handle, not that it won’t suffer, but it won’t be totally lost or destroyed by the burdens of its karma. Generally, however, a soul chooses its parents prior to entering the Earth…”
Edgar Cayce made a strong case by insisting that we choose our families, our parents, and even make agreements, where possible, to choose our spouses and children. This is not to infer that changes in plans will not occur, but we should be aware of the vast amount of planning that is done before our earthly incarnation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Indigo Children Do You Believe?

I have heard about "indigo or new age children" on and off over the years.
This article explains the theory and some of the characteristics of these kids. It's not everyone's belief, but it's an interesting theory. Read more:



The Indigos are creating chaos with the end result being a peaceful, loving world. Many, but not all Indigos are labeled by the medical world as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly known as ADD/ADHD because they can't be still, they can't focus, they bore easily, they are impulsive and they do things super fast. Giving them medication is not the answer! That is once again a control factor not to mention all the detrimental health problems including death that occurs from these types of medications. Indigo and Crystal children are extremely intelligent and need their minds stimulated with things they enjoy to do. They have amazing memories and are gifted souls with an evolved consciousness. They need to be taught in a different way, through subjects they love that stimulate their whole beings! We are moving beyond the mind and into the heart. These Indigo children will not conform to the old ritual text book teachings. This system is old and needs to be replaced. They are trying to show the teachers of the school systems that they need a new way of learning. This is beginning to happen.
from: by Lisa Whatley

Monday, October 17, 2016


When I was trying to conceive, I became an expert in monitoring my body for any possible sign of pregnancy.  Yes, it's possible that I read too much into every little ache or pain or flutter in my stomach, however I went through many failed pregnancies before I finally had my successful pregnancy which led to the birth of my daughter.  I did find there were some symptoms that were definitely associated with pregnancy and not just the run-of-the-mill PMS symptoms that you might feel the week before or a few days before you get your period.  It's amazing how such a microscopic change in your body can produce such pronounced physical changes.  One woman from my infertility support group actually said she felt herself conceive!

Click here for the full article on my website about strange early pregnancy signs and symptoms (

Friday, October 14, 2016


Reiki and Your Unborn Child

Guest Post By Bronwen Stiene

We were living and teaching Reiki in Darjeeling, India, when we decided to try for a child. Straight after conception I placed my hands on Bronwen's sacral chakra, the area of the ovaries and a tremendous heat was channeled into the womb and it felt as of I was helping the seeds of life. This was the first contact that I had with my child because we soon realised that Bronwen was pregnant. After a 10 year relationship we had imagined that it would take a much longer period before she became pregnant, but we were now both sure that the Reiki energy was helping to speed things up.
I decided to do a daily Reiki session on our baby. It began to feel as if I was a part of the baby and of Bronwen, who had a deeper connection than
I did with our new child. When I placed my hands on the womb I immediately sensed a beautiful energy streaming into our baby and I felt overwhelmed with emotions which I never knew I had.


I would love to promote Reiki as a means of helping couples to cope with pregnancy and as a way of supporting husbands to become more involved as this is a special time for sharing and communicating with each other, for all three of you.
Men are often overlooked as being important in the pregnancy - or at least many feel this way. If they were to practise Reiki they would have no excuse not to take part and already show their child love and support.
Hands can be placed on the Mother's uterus - on the baby - with the intention that energy moves freely to wherever the baby requires it at that moment in its life. The father can also do Reiki on the mother to offer his support for her. And lastly the father can also offer energy to himself. Everyone needs support and love and fathers are no different.
During childbirth I also used Reiki as a technique for releasing tension and stress (when Bronwen allowed me!). I placed my hands on her tailbone and gave energy, when I felt that I couldn't do much I sent her energy as well. It was wonderful to feel that even this process - the birth - was something that I could be involved and supportive in.
For me it felt like I was more a part of the pregnancy and birth. When our baby finally arrived and we touched each other's skin it was with recognition as we had already known each other's energies.
Reiki Masters Frans and Bronwen Stiene (pronounced stee-nuh) are authors of the internationally acclaimed The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki, Reiki Techniques Card Deck and the A-Z of Reiki and are the founders of the International House of Reiki.
Their website is the which is full of lots of articles and research into Reiki.
With over 16 years of combined experience as practitioners, teachers and speakers in healing and spirituality they have worked with, taught and researched healing in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan. They are teachers whose passion is truth, education, support and spiritual development for all.
Article Source:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I realize some women and couples have to go through IVF due to anatomical problems like blockages in women and/or sperm count abnormalities in men.  However there are some things to consider before jumping into fertility treatments before thoroughly exploring the natural route.  There is some evidence that the IVF procedure itself can lead to abnormalities in the offspring.  There are also a multitude of complications that can occur when you are pumping yourself full of hormones and other drugs during the IVF cycle.  For example, I experienced something called "hyperstimulation" of my ovaries which can be life threatening.  Tubal pregnancies are also more common with IVF (also a life threatening condition if not found in time.

Here is a page on my website that discusses the pros and cons of IVF (

Monday, October 10, 2016


When I was pregnant, I was teaching a class at a local college.  I found it very difficult to do a lot of standing just because I was tired and the extra weight of the pregnancy made my feet hurt.  However, there may be other good reasons not to stand too much during pregnancy.

See More On How To Avoid Pregnancy Complications at

If you have a job which requires long hours standing, you may want to modify your work situation, especially in the 3rd trimester. Standing for long periods at this time may affect fetal growth:

But during the third trimester of pregnancy, they found that long periods of standing were signi´Čücantly associated with a 3 percent smaller head circumference in infants. In addition, working more than 40 hours a week was associated with a smaller head circumference and lower fetal growth. Long working hours were associated with approximately a 5 to 7 ounce lower birth weight.

“This effect seems to be of similar magnitude than the effects of other well-known lifestyle factors, such as smoking and caffeine intake,” the authors wrote.

Saturday, October 08, 2016


I frequently find myself thinking, "they (i.e. other moms) should know better than that", or "isn't that a bit rude?", or "I can't believe they think that's okay". Maybe since I'm older, I was brought up when there were certain social graces that everyone knew to follow. But now, many moms behave in ways that I can't always condone. Here are ten ways to tactfully dealing with your child's social interactions:
1. Party etiquette: If your child is invited to a child's birthday party, some reciprocation is expected (especially if your child attends the party). If they invite you, you should invite them. Yes, I know that some parents need to keep parties small for financial reasons, but if that's the case, have a party in your back yard or basement. Kids just want to run around and have some fun.
RSVP to party invitations as soon as possible. Don't show up without an RSVP - if you don't know if you can make it, let them know that as soon as you can. Parents throwing the party don't know how many party bags to make, etc. If you RSVP to say you are coming, then come! If some emergency arises, call the other parent to let them know as soon as you can. Additionally, if your child is invited to a party, that doesn't mean all of their siblings may attend as well. The invitation is to the child whose name is on the envelope. If it is an electronic invitation which is sent to the parent's email, clarify which child or children should attend.
If your child attends a birthday party, don't show up empty handed. A gift is expected (unless donations to a charitable organization are requested instead). There are plenty of gifts under $5 that children are happy with. Browse around the dollar store as a last resort.
2. Play date etiquette: Play dates should also be reciprocated. If you can't host a play date at your house, go to the park.
If another mom asks if you want a play date, get back to them right away. Don't leave them hanging wondering if it's a yes or no. If you don't know your schedule, tell them that.
If you have a young child, always offer to stay for the play date, especially if your child has separation anxiety or if you know they can be a "handful".
3. Playground etiquette: Younger children should have a parent or sitter present while at the playground. If your child needs help on the equipment, the parent or sitter should be the one helping, not the other moms or dads. I've seen some parents and nannies who let the kids run wild on the playground while they sit and talk on their cell phone completely ignoring what's going on. Once while at an indoor mall playground, a little boy sat with us for 15 minutes (I gave him a snack because he asked for one) and the nanny was no where to be found. I had no idea who the boy belonged to, but finally a young girl looking embarrassed came to claim the boy. This was a small enough playground that if she were there, she would have seen him with us (I guess she had some shopping to do - ahem!)
4. Don't gossip about other children to other moms. Gossip is downright wrong no matter who its about. If you have a real issue with a certain child, call their mom directly and discuss it. Nobody else needs to know or hear about the problem.
5. Don't tell other moms how to raise their kids. If you have a problem with another child and it must be brought to the attention of their mother, do so tactfully. What works for one child doesn't necessarily work for another so leave out the part of how you would handle it or what you do with your kid. Refrain from lecturing other mothers on how you enforce rules, how you require they eat their meals and so on. The vast majority of mothers out there do a completely adequate job of raising their kids. Unless you are truly concerned about a child's welfare, don't get involved.
6. Don't comment on another child's physical appearance. This is common sense, right? Apparently, not to some people. Refrain from commenting on how tall another child is, how short another child is, how heavy or thin a child is, etc. Chances are, if a child is very large or very small, it could be something the mother and/or child is sensitive about. Your comments only state the obvious and lead to embarrassment or hurt feelings. Keep it to yourself!
7. Don't discipline other children. If you are at the park or an area where a lot of kids are playing, and a child does something that is clearly not okay, do your best to find their mom and discuss it. If you can't find the other mother, nicely approach the child and say "Honey, my son/daughter doesn't like it when you push, can you be a little more gentle with them?" or "My child just got that bike for Christmas and she's not ready to have anyone else ride it yet". I was actually at a park when one child started riding another child's bike and the mother of the bike owner screamed, "THAT'S NOT YOUR BIKE, GET OFF!" On another occasion, I heard one mother say to a child (not hers) "you need to learn how to share", the child's mother was sitting right there and raised her eyebrows at the comment. I know there are times when you wish a child's mother would take certain actions, but that doesn't give you the right to take those actions for them.
8. Don't discipline your own child in front of other kids (or parents). Yes, I know there are times you need to tell your child to stop doing something, but whenever possible, pull them aside and tell them by whispering. Constantly yelling or reprimanding your child publicly may give other kids "license" to do the same. This can lead to other kids ganging up on yours or other parents labeling your kid as a troublemaker. Another option for less urgent matters is to bring it up and discuss it once you are home alone. Likewise, don't announce to others that your child is grounded or "in trouble". If grounding is part of your discipline, simply tell others that your child can't make it that day.
9. Don't Brag. Period. If someone asks you about one of your child's accomplishments, answer honestly and don't embellish. I realize parents (and grandparents) feel like they've earned bragging rights, but its annoying and it makes other parents and kids feel inferior. That's actually one reason other kids may not want to hang out with yours. Your child's accomplishments will stand on their own. Teach your child not to brag...they will be more respected if they don't constantly sing their own praise.
On the same note, don't brag to other parents about all the parties, play dates, or fun things your child is doing or going to do. Teach your child not to talk about play dates or parties with other children. If the child they're talking to isn't invited, it leads to hurt feelings - nobody likes to be left out. This not only hurts the child, it hurts the mother too.
10. If your child goes to the movies, pool, or any other place where there is a charge for admission (even if they are invited by another child) - send them with enough money to cover admission and perhaps a snack. Unless it's a party, don't assume the other parent is going to cover the cost. They may refuse the money, but you should always offer.

Thursday, October 06, 2016


We all know that the media likes to focus on the doom and gloom surrounding pregnancy over 40.  But the unexpected rate of pregnancy over 40 is second only to teenagers.  Many women just haven't given it enough time or they have spent time and money going through fertility treatments which may further throw their hormones out of whack.  Here are some of the stories I came across when I ran a women's infertility support group, click here:


Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Blood test can determine baby's sex early in pregnancy

Good news for parents who can't wait to find out the sex of their baby. There is now a blood tests that can be done in early pregnancy which appears to be very accurate.  Of course, there are critics who think that some couples may terminate pregnancies if they had there hearts set on a boy or a girl.

For more on pregnancy over 40 and preventing miscarriage and other complications, visit: 

 However, the test may eliminate the need for other more invasive screening procedures:
 Read more:

Most importantly, it appears to be 100 percent accurate, say Dutch researchers whose findings were reported in Monday’s edition of the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.
The Dutch study took place over the course of five years, from 2003 to 2009 and included 201 expectant mothers referred by geneticists or gynecologists in the Netherlands. Of 201 women tested, the researchers were able to issue a conclusion 189 times. They were correct every time.
The technique is less a breakthrough than a continuation of successful research and trials that have brought such non-invasive fetal testing to the brink of wide commercialization, said Dr. Diana Bianchi, the Natalie V. Zucker professor of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology at Tufts University. Bianchi is not affiliated with the Dutch study. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016


Everyone knows that we have a real weight problem in this country and many children are doomed from the start. When these kids grow up, they may think gastric bypass surgery is the only option - especially if they are morbidly obese. However, according to this article, undergoing surgery can lead to future problems when pregnant. Read more:

Gastric bypass surgery may help teenage girls squeeze into their prom dresses -- if they don't mind having deformed and brain-damaged children later on.


Faced with the disturbing prospect of diet and exercise -- which can take weeks, even months of commitment before yielding results -- more and more overweight teens want to drop the pounds (now) by getting their stomachs stapled.

However, a report presented at the American Association of Pediatrics in San Francisco last week showed that girls who go under the knife risk losing the ability to absorb enough Vitamin B9, or folic acid, which is needed to have healthy babies.

The babies could be born with deformed spines or brain damage, warns Diana Farmer, chief of pediatric surgery at Benioff Children's Hospital at the University of California in San Francisco, who presented the report.

Too little is known about long-term consequences of the gastric bypass surgery, she tells

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A Heart Centered Approach to a Spiritual Pregnancy

Guest Post By Kelly Meehan
A spiritual pregnancy is a deeply unique experience that is lived by each woman who accepts pregnancy and prepares for motherhood. Many thoughts may come to mind when putting together spirituality and pregnancy. Does a spiritual pregnancy mean its time to begin meditating, praying for guidance, or chanting mantras? Yes and no. It can't hurt to meditate nor could it hurt to have a belief system that can offer inner guidance and a positive outlook about pregnancy.
The foundation of a heart centered approach during pregnancy starts with self awareness. Self awareness of: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition. All those amazing parts of the human's capacity to reflect and move inward all create a harmonious system of understanding the natural spiritual aspects of motherhood. Awareness can help make the experience of pregnancy more peaceful as the body grows, emotions change, priorities shift, intuition strengthens, and receiving each day as it arrives.


Creating a pregnancy in awareness begins with inviting explored and unexplored experiences. It is having the ability to investigate beliefs, experience true feelings, dissect mental patterns, release old systems, and continue to move within the cycles of personal transformation. A spiritual pregnancy is not limited to blissful states of constant positive energy, but this includes feelings of uncertainty and fear. It is about accepting all experiences and knowing that each has purpose.
How does one stay connected to a spiritual pregnancy when cultures of society can easily impact how pregnancy looks and happens? Society can easily influence birthing and pregnancy with extensive books and experts all sharing information about the biological and emotional needs of a mother. Many of these so-called "experts" like to offer hard data with limiting forms of study or hard to understand data, but with great persuasive skills to fool the smartest and activate the energy of fear. The gift of negative images and media selling scare tactics around pregnancy is that the fear can bring about a lesson of personal discernment. It does not have to damage the mind and build fear, but it can challenge the mind into moving more deeply to tune into the internal intuitive system of information. Intuitive information lives within each person and always available for needed advice and wise knowledge.
Pregnancy must be about going with the flow and letting go into the unknown. The idea of letting go in pregnancy can feel scary. Actually, letting go in general can bring up feelings of personal loss and identity, but in the energy of birthing a new identity of mother is born. Letting go and letting birth is one way to welcome a new thought process. A spiritual pregnancy into spiritual birth requires the woman to pay attention to the wisdom of the body, while tuning into the wise callings of the ancient energies of labor that birthed before.
A heart centered approach to a spiritual pregnancy can be many things with many influential parts. It starts with the individual entering a state of self awareness, creating a system of prayer, meditation or mantras, making choices based on intuition, exploration of the psyche, embracing fears with acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go. It's good to remember that having a spiritual pregnancy is not about following ridged rules, orders, religious doctrines or archaic advice. It is about following the brilliantly divine information that comes from inside the energy of choices that lives within personal wisdom.
Article Source:

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